Hagen petition trial stayed

The Supreme Court delivered its ruling today, putting the trial, which was scheduled to commence on 14 January on halt, while it reviews the decision by the National Court, which allowed one ground in the petition to go for trial.

Leave to review the National Court’s decision was granted by the Chief Justice, who sat as a single Supreme Court judge, last month.

No laws to review provincial electorates

Deputy Electoral Commissioner, John Kalamoro, revealed this during the two day seminar on the review of the Organic Law on National and Local Level Government Elections and related laws.

This is one of the loopholes currently in the Organic Law which needs to be addressed by parliament.

Kalamora said while the Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC) can make recommendations on the electorates to cater for any changes it must be part of a re-distribution review.

This was the process undertaken by the EBC and Parliament for the creation for Hela and Jiwaka.

Review process of department to commence

This comes after a call was made by the Transparency International PNG, Lawrence Stephens, for the government to cease all funding to the NID rollout project, until such a time that the management of the project provides full acquittals of the K230 million that has been expanded on the project since its inception.

Minister for National Planning, Richard Maru said meantime, the National Identification (NID) project will continue as planned until all citizens are registered in the national database by 2021.

This week in court: Review

Cases that had petitioners present in court indicated the number of witnesses they intend to call and were given time to collect witness statements in preparation for trial.

Among those petitions that went for direction was the one filed by runner-up in the Ialibu-Pangia Open seat, Stanley Liria.

In this petition, Papua New Guinea Defence Force, Brigadier-General Gilbert Toropo, and CEO of the National Gaming Control Board, Imelda Agon, were summoned to turn up in court for the trial.

Newsrooms encouraged to follow up on outstanding issues

President of the PNG Media Council, Alexander Rheeney, made this comment at the launch of the report this week.

He assisted Transparency International compile the report, as a private citizen, and said the media failed to hold leaders accountable for the outstanding issues, simply by failing to do follow up stories.

The review of 20 cases spans from 2007 to 2017, covering both the Somare and O’Neill regime.

This week in court - Review

After a successful appeal, 42-year-old Taita Prichard from Bereina, Central province who is a naturalized Australian citizen was freed on Thursday.

A three-man Supreme Court bench acquitted her after it upheld her appeal, setting aside her conviction and sentence of 30 years with hard labor.

She was sentenced on Feb 12 this year after the Waigani National Court convicted her on Nov 11, 2015 for planning and using her cousin to murder her former lover, British man John Hulse in 2011 at Napanapa outside Port Moresby.

Pruaitch calls for review on consumer papers

The review commenced in 2014 and is expected to be completed by 2016 and a report presented to the Government for appropriate action.

The papers are entitled “Consumer Protection and Fair Trading” and “Regulated Industries”.

Pruaitch said the Consumer and Competition Framework Review is part of the Government’s ambitious reform agenda which will continue throughout 2016.

He said the issue papers seek views of stakeholders on various issues.

Privatisation of SOEs to be reviewed

“Obviously the dynamics may or may not change when (former) Minister (Ben) Micah made the decision, I will be reviewing everything and if there is a pressing case for us to continue with the privatization agenda we will off cause after consulting the Prime Minister," Duma told Loop PNG.    

“If as a result of the changing economy times and there is need for us to delay slightly we will off cause consider that, it is a matter of me reviewing everything before I make a decision.

Knight trial expected in February

Knight’s lawyer returned to the National Court this morning before Justice Les Gavara Nanu informing the court of compliance on their part in filing and serving review books.

Noel Ako, of Jema lawyers is acting in behalf of the MP. He told the court they are ‘hopeful’ of having the substantive review  to commence on February 8, next year.

Knight was recommended for dismissal from office by the Leadership Tribunal on May 1st after he was found guilty of misappropriation charges on March 20, 2015 on four of the five allegations brought against him.

Nexus 6P Review

New phones are exciting. They look new, feel new, have new things and everyone loves new. I’m starting to feel phone fatigue, though. I love new technology, but I feel like the incremental updates that come along for Android phones and Apple phones are starting to get overwhelming. It used to be the case that only device aficionados would pick up the “S” version of iPhones or every-other-year’s Nexus.