Rev. Roger Joseph

Nu Yia toktok bilong PNGCC

Na long go insait long nupela yia 2020, Rev. Joseph i mekim tok piksa bilong stori bilong ol Israel long buk Kisim Bek we ol pipel bilong God i bin lusim Isip kamaut na i go insait long Kanan o Promis graun.   

“Gutpela stori tru em bilong tupela man, Joshua na Caleb. Dispela tupela man tasol long namba bilong ol lain i kamaut long Isip i bin go insait long ples Kanan. Olgeta narapela i no bin inap long go insait. Dispela em i wanpela stori bilong bel sori stret. Taim yumi laik go insait long nupela yia, ating gutpela samting i save kamap long wan wan lain tasol,” em i tok.

Council of Churches’ New Year message

Moving onto the New Year of 2020, Rev Joseph likened the New Year as the transition between the Exodus, moving out of captivity and moving into the Promised Land.   

“The very interesting point in this particular story is about Joshua and Caleb. These were the only two people from the generation that moved out of Egypt, who moved into the Promised Land. All the others who were involved in the Exodus never entered the Promised Land. Just two and that’s a very sad story. And as we look at moving into the New Year, I think the success stories are only for few,” he said.