Religious education

Spiritual education may solve country’s issues: Office

This was the conclusion by the Office of Religion, hence the inclusion of Religious Education into mainstream curriculum is currently under consideration.

The move to factor Religious Education into the mainstream curriculum came about as a request from Government’s Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari.

Currently Religious Education is been taught both in primary and elementary schools, but in the views of the Office of Religion, it’s not as effectively taught as it was in the past.

Religious education to become a separate subject

Education secretary Dr. Uke Kombra said religious education is one component that has been captured in the Culture and Community subject under the new Standards-Based Curriculum (SBC).

The SBC learning kit is now being distributed to all 7,000 schools throughout the country. Each kit contains SBC elementary syllabuses, teacher guides and English materials.

Kombra said they will seriously look into introducing religious education, values and attitudes in the curriculum.