Regional Processing Centre

​700 Manus refugees to relocate

Deputy Chief Migration Officer, Esther Gaegaming, said the Regional Processing Centre is holding men from 20 different countries.

Gaegaming said 700 men have been granted refugee status.

“The refugees have been provided resettlement in the country, under the agreement with the Government of Australia; of course there are some of them who do not want to settle.

“Non-refugees we will have to return them (to their home country),” Gaegaming said.      

Refugees prefer other countries over PNG: O’Neill

O’Neill made this comment during a joint media conference in Port Moresby with his Australia counterpart Malcolm Turnbull.   

Turnbull is on an official visit to his country’s former colony. 

“Not many refugees want to settle in PNG and we cannot force them to resettle (here),” O’Neill said.

He added that the resettlement to a third country is guided by Australia and there are close consultations going on.

Meanwhile, Turnbull said “there is a resettlement process under way, and also discussions with United States.  

Iranian refugee uses PNG passport to Fiji: Juffa

“Prime Minister are you aware that a 21-year-old, Iranian Refugee who made his way from Manus Asylum Centre to Fiji, and seeking asylum,” Oro Governor Gary Juffa asked during Question Time.   

“What actions is taken to conduct an investigation and highlight the security breaches in this instances, what type of passport he used, I was informed that it was a Papua New Guinean passport.

Refugees verbally abuse female residents: Local

The female resident, who did not want to be named, said mothers and daughters of PNGDF Naval officers also get intimidated by refugees when they come out of the Regional Processing Centre.    

“These men had been behind the fence for almost four years and the way they act and talk when they pass women is close to sexual harassment,” she said.

Also, the behaviour of these refugees got the ire of Manus Governor Charlie Benjamin, who told Parliament last week that their safety is not guaranteed when they are outside because of their behaviour towards locals.

Refugees safety not guaranteed warns Manus Governor

Benjamin questioned in Parliament what measures will the National Government take to address the social and law and order problem affecting the island province by the people being housed to be processed for their status.              

He said with the Supreme Court decision many refuges roam the streets at night looking for local women and also homebrew have become a big problem.

 “Guarantee blo mi lo safety blo ol pinis, Mahn I hambak em paitim em tasol (I will not guarantee their safety, if any refugee is misbehaving will be fought at by locals,” Benjamin said.