Refugees’ water tanks emptied

Officials entered Oscar and Delta compounds of the Manus detention and began emptying the tanks and turning over the water bins being used by refugees to collect rain water the last 10 days.

This has led to condemnation by the Refugee Action Coalition.

“Everyone in the tropics knows how precious water is and how quickly dehydration can become a serious medical issue. Denied water and with medical help sometimes delayed for hours, refugee lives are being put at risk,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition. 

Refugee seeks leave to appeal

His lawyer, Ben Lomai, filed the appeal yesterday afternoon. The matter has been listed for next week Monday.

They will be seeking leave of the Supreme Court to appeal against the court’s refusal in granting the interim orders, namely the refusal to restrain the transfer of those at the decommissioned centre as well as restoring essential services.

Subject to the court’s grant of leave to appeal, the refugees are asking for the grant of the interim orders sought, which was refused on Tuesday.

Love and beauty in a refugee camp

In one camp in northern Iraq, beautician Rozhin Ahmed-Hussein - herself a Syrian Kurdish refugee - finds that she is rarely short of work.

"Most of the people in the camp are poor, and Syrian refugees like me, so when I do a beautiful bride, usually I'll dance out of the door with her because I feel so happy," says Rozhin Ahmed-Hussein.

VIDEO: Kantha responds to resettlement claims

Sally Pokiton with more 

Manus detainee's injuries not self inflicted

Mr El Sheikh physically resisted two attempts to move him from Manus to Papua New Guinea's capital, Port Moresby, from where authorities planned to deport him to Lebanon.

The advocate, Marilyn Beech, said during that time, Mr El Sheikh was the victim of several beatings by security forces and suffered injuries to his ribs, kidneys, ankle and neck, resulting in a loss of sensation in his left side.

Refugee allowed bail by National Court

Justice Panuel Mogish allowed bail on the same conditions and the amount of K1,000 which was granted on February 15, this year at the Boroko District Court.

He allowed bail to Sawari as he was of the view, that the second charge under the Migration Act was defective.

It is defective because circumstances arising in the earlier charge (under the Passport Act) and the recent charge under the Migration Act are the same.

Both charges relate to Sawari obtaining a false PNG Passport and travelling to Fiji.

Refugee to ask court for bail

 He is seeking bail in the National Court after he was arrested and charged with two more charges under the Migration Act on April 4.

The 21 year old refugee was taken to the Waigani Police Station on the afternoon of April 4, straight from his court trial at the Waigani District Court by police and Immigration officials.

He was then charged for making False Representation under section 16(1)(e) of the Migration act.

He has been held in custody at the Waigani Police station since his arrest.

Manus Island medical clinic closed

On Friday, it was reported in Australian media that the clinic's operator, International Health and Medical Services, may have been operating without medical registration for at least 10 months.

A PNG government committee has accused the company of operating without proper registration, and is investigating possible breaches of tax, labour and immigration laws.

Refugee’s bail decision further adjourned

The matter was deferred due to technical issues the presiding magistrate had over his decision. Sawari is the refugee who was deported to PNG on Friday February 3, from Fiji.

He will spend another night in remand at Bomana because the vehicle that was supposed to bring him down to Boroko is undergoing service.

Sawari was transported to the CIS facility at Bomana soon after his lawyer asked the court for bail at K500 last Friday.

Bail decision for deported refugee pending

Sawari is the refugee who was deported to PNG on Friday February 3 from Fiji. He went to court proposing bail to be granted at K500.

 He was transported to the CIS facility at Bomana soon after the court hearing, where he will be remanded in separate confinement till Tuesday.

He was remanded at the Boroko Police station holding cell on Thursday night. The cell is currently undergoing renovation and police allowed for him to be confined there for only one night.