recruitment drive

Police extend recruitment drive

For Northern region, the team in Madang have started the screening process last week having 1227 regular applicants and 48 cadet applicants (40 direct entry & 8 serving members) at the Marape Hall at Tusbab Secondary School.

It was a rigorous week for the constabulary as they screened and gave exams to the applicants over the week, cutting down the number to 150 applicants within the process.

RPNGC selects final 32

The successful candidates will now go through the formal processes of training to take up positions as officers within the Police Force.

The RPNGC recruitment drive for officer cadets started with 500 entries. Through the 6-8 weeks of screening and examinations, they arrived at the final 48. 

On Thursday 27th April at the Rita Flynn Courts in NCD, the RPNGC top management interviewed the final 48, including the only two females.

Manning On Recruitment

He said that the reserve police recruitment was abused for so long. When he became the Police Commissioner, he stopped the program and designed a revamped process that excludes nepotism, bias and corrupt practices.

Commissioner Manning said to improve the impartiality and perceptions of the integrity of the whole process, critical functions of the recruitment process were outsourced to an independent private company.

PNG Fire Service Recruiting

Chief Fire Service, Officer Bill Roo said PNGFS has existing vacancies and people with credibility can apply.

Mr Roo said: “We have jobs in various areas within the PNG Fire Service and we are happy to provide employment to those that are searching for jobs, particularly for year 12 and university students that are looking for employment.”

He said a local consultancy expert, Valkyrie Services, has been engaged to carry out the recruitment screening of the PNG Firefighter Recruitment for 2021, so that there are no element of suspicion and bribery

Secretary Solomon has confidence in staff

And Secretary, Anna Solomon, is very confident that they will deliver their programs and propel the department to a level where the people they represent can be heard.

The Department had previously concluded a recruitment drive, employing individuals from the private sector, Non-Government Organisations, as well as tertiary institutions.

Solomon tells Loop PNG that so far the result has been positive.