Sir J, Clan Re-establish Ties

The local Chiefs brought Sir Julius to the exact spot where he was customarily bestowed his leadership rite of passage by Nicholas Brokam, one of the first New Irelanders that made it into the Legislative Council of PNG from 1951 to 1964 through the support of an American Catholic Priest.

MP Offers Reconciliation Meet

Mr Schnaubelt made the offer at the Kavieng Airport recently in response to the women in Kavieng who protested on his arrival demanding that the three New Ireland Members reconcile and work together for the good of the province.

He said: I have no problem with the reconciliation and am happy to sit with Member for Kavieng, Ian Ling-Stuckey and Governor Sir Julius for a reconciliation ceremony.”

Pledge against arms

It was signed in Vunapope, Kokopo, on Wednesday (Nov 6), upholding Melanesian cultural values and practices of brotherhood to sincerely declare they truly resort to reconcile with each other for the atrocities caused during the 1989 to 1997 Bougainville Crisis.

The parties pledged their commitment with collective responsibilities to implement the Bougainville Peace Agreement, affirming dual commitment to protecting the state and the freedom and rights of citizens.

Symbolic reconciliation to be hosted in ENB

According to an advance team, led by Advisor for the National Coordination Office of Bougainville Affairs, Dr Henry Okole, there are three reasons why Kokopo was chosen; one being that ENB was where most Bougainvilleans fled to during the crisis, that ENB was the forward base of the PNG Defence Force back then and that ENB is an ideal location for a pre-reconciliation program, which cannot be done in Bougainville where fighting and blood was shed.

He says the second phase of the reconciliation program is set to be held at Panguna, after the Referendum is conducted.

NCD police advise on change of venue

The NCD Election manager, Alvin Jimmy explains that the police advised him that the Park was not a viable option.

Jimmy told Loop PNG that the Park was not secure for the pre-counting and so they contacted management of the Rita Flyn courts who agreed to have the process held there.

One of the activities to take place will be the replacing of used ballot papers from the deferred polling held on Tuesday.

The Rita Flynn Courts will be the central coordinating office for the NCD Election until after the Elections.

On-going reconciliation in Bougainville a must

This is from a peace advocator and elder from the Bougainville west coast district of Kunua, Herman Siriva.

Speaking to PNG Loop,  Siriva said reconciliation is the only way forward and it’s only through this that Bougainville will go to referendum.

Just two weeks ago a major reconciliation ceremony was held in his home village of Doaso in Hahon Kunua District, where a senior veteran Barnabas Tobby reconciled with families of 22 people that where killed by the BRA. The victims included a PNGDF soldier, late Corporal Gareitz.