Raymond Kuai

KPHL hits back at landowners

He said the statement is completely misleading and doesn’t make sense at all.

“One has to appreciate that the financial modelling that goes behind something like this is far beyond any of these people that have put together.”

He said what the landowners have used was from a presentation he did and they have completely interpret it incorrectly.

 He said there are motives behind the landowners’ misleading statements.

Landowners query KPHL’s vendor financing proposal

Vendor Financing basically means KPHL will give the shares to the beneficiaries at no cost and will recoup the payment internally through the LNG revenue.

However, the President of the Peoples United Assembly Party Inc. (PUA) and a clan leader of landowners in the project areas of PDL 1 (Arua -Hiwa Block), PDL 8 (Block 1642 -Pureni), and PDL 9 (Humiya Block), Raymond Kuai said this arrangement will make a mockery of late Hela Governor Anderson Agiru’s decision to purchase 4.27% additional equity in the LNG Project.