Rapatona FC

Dwellers crush Rapatona in first away game

In the other away game played in Lae at  the  Ignatius Kilage stadium Hekari defeated  hosts Welgris United FC 2-nil in a one sided affair.

Dwellers in a dazzling opening minute took complete command of the match until the final whistle.

It was the Dwellers top players Raymond Gunemba and Nigel Dabinyaba that shook the entire match with their power plays and  strategies to take full command of the proceedings.

Dwellers opened up with the first goal from Raymond Gunemba just  after the kick off from the half way line.

Hekari attributes success to discipline

Team manager Vonnie Kapi Natto says discipline on and off the field is always top priority for the players and this has reflected in the results they have achieved so far in NSL.

Kapi Natto gave credit to the older star players including captain David Muta, Koriak Upaiga, Wira Wama and Ismael Pole.

She said these players have been down with injury from time to time during the season but have kept the team spirit in every match.

Two home grown talents join Rapatona FC

Recently, two youngsters, Cliff Paul and David Lee were flown out of Manus to join the team in training for possible inclusion in the team.

Both are from Rambutso Island, in the Rapatona LLG where the team got its name.

An executive member of the club, Chikui Posman said PKA Rapatona FC wants to provide a direct pathway for local talents in the Rapatona LLG to enter NSL and Port Moresby League where the club is also registered.

“It is also part of the club's social responsibility to develop young people to be better and useful citizens.

Hekari edge out Rapatona 2-1

It was the David and Goliath battle with Hekari the favourites to win.

A goal in the 16th minute of play to Hekari ' s Wira Wama put his side in front with all the momentum.

Hekari continued to ask questions, putting all the pressure on the Rapatona back line.

The score was 1-0 going into the break.

Rapatona equalized just after half time when Henry Ronny put one past the goal keeper in the 53rd minute.