Ranuguri road opens

This portion of the road had been blocked off since Monday, 4pm.

This was the result of a poor drainage system, which is quite common in the country.

This incident saw the existing culvert blocked by debris, causing the flood water to pave its own path through the few metres of packed soil between the culvert and ground surface.

Only about 3 inches of soil layer was holding the sealed road up.

Tkatchenko connects water for Moresby South settlements

Tkatchenko, who is also Minister for Sports, APEC & National Events, today handed over cheques worth K549, 000 to Eda Ranu CEO, Henry Mokono, to begin the exercise. Tkatchenko said water connections would continue for other areas in his electorate as well.

“Once we get those projects done, we will then go to Sabama, Dodo Heights, Bundi Camp, and then Kaugeva,” he said. He further said “and the new projects we are looking at and hopefully we can start next year, is Gereka and also Dogura.”