Rambutso Island

Local scientist concern about the quality of water

The people are mostly using water holes in the bush that don't usually dry up quick.

David Putulan, a Biologists by training LOOP PNG correspondent said there is evidence of contaminants but people are still using the water, mainly for cooking.

"The bright green water surface suggests the heavy presence of cyanobacteria or algae. Eutrophication is taking place as a result of detergents leaking back into the water from women doing laundry", he said.

A legendary water hole that never dries up

Locally, it is called "OCTOPUS WATER" as legend has it that it was occupied by a giant octopus.

According to Legend, there was a warrior called Chongin who was travelling by canoe along the beach when the octopus grabbed the pole he was using to propel the canoe forward.

The giant octopus then told him to bring it to a water hole in the bush so it can live there.

Chongin brought the octopus over to this water hole and came over regularly to feed it.

The octopus instructed Chongin that it will only be fed uncooked protein.