NBC Rabaul transmitter commissioned

Minister for Information Communication Technology Timothy Masiu and ENB Governor Michael Marum switched on the transmitter as the first to go on live during the commissioning.

The Minister was accompanied by the Managing Director of the National Broadcasting Corporation Kora Nou, Board Member Chris Mora and other delegates from the National Broadcasting Corporation.

Minister Masiu said the AM Radio Transmitter will cater for more listeners in the NGI region and other remote centers within the province.

Media students given a voice

This is not surprising as radio transcends geographical boundaries, societal differences and language barriers.

For the participants of the 5th session of the series of Media Education Seminars (MES) on the 5th of August, radio has given them a voice.

Is there a message behind Bellylicious?

But there is another message behind it.

The local radio station stated in a media release, that Bellylicious also “pokes a bit of fun at authority” featuring a shirtless Rait FM Team shaking their bellies.

The video was inspired by the largely debated Bootylicious from Tati Mangi PNG and banned on local media by Minister for Religion and Community Development, Delilah Gore.

Speaking to Loop PNG, Ryan Khay, Program Director/ Operations Manager touched on the double standard practiced in the country.

Radio personality Douglas Dimagi pays tribute to late Hau’ofa

Dimagi started his career in 1995 and grew up listening to late Hau’ofa.

Dimagi remembered late Hau’ofa as someone who has always talked about serving and helping others.

Dimagi said that the biggest impact that Hau’ofa had on him as a young radio broadcaster was a time he actually hosted the Talkback Show during PNG’s Sandline crisis issue in 1997.

“The Sandline crisis issue shook the whole country but through radio, Roger was able to calm and put ease the whole country.

Can this radio detect your mood and play songs to match?

Many roboticists and computer engineers seem to think so, because they're always trying to make their creations more human.

Take Solo, the "emotional radio", for example. A wall-mounted device that resembles a large clock, it features a liquid crystal display at its centre. When you approach it, the pictogram face shows a neutral expression.

But it then takes a photo of your face, a rod or antenna on the side cranks into life, and the LCD display indicates that it's thinking.