Rabaul Volcanological Observatory

Manam eruptions signal ‘active system’

In its December 9th update, the Rabaul Volcanological Observatory says apart from the recent eruptions, at other times the two summit craters have exhibited signs of an active system through occasional ash plumes, audible noises and glow.

“This suggests the system is still dynamic and volatile and therefore the potential for further eruptive activity in the future is still high,” said the RVO.

The Manam volcano’s main crater produced a small eruption on December 8th between 11.30am and 12pm.

Magnitude 6 aftershock rattles Highlands region

Emanating closer to Porgera, Enga Province, the quake was picked up by the Rabaul Volcanological Observatory’s Manam station in Madang Province.

An official from the RVO told Loop PNG that aftershocks are smaller earthquakes that occur after a previous main earthquake.

“The tectonic plate is just settling back into its position,” explained the RVO.

“Our Manam station picked it up because it was of a larger magnitude.

“Based on experience, aftershocks will continue for at least 5 days.”

Rumours of SHP volcanic eruption dismissed

Following the devastating 7.5 magnitude earthquake that hit the Highlands region early Monday morning, rumours of Mt Bosavi erupting took social media by storm yesterday (Feb 27).

However, the RVO say satellite images show no unusual happenings at any old Highlands volcanoes. 

Volcanic activity escalated: Observatory

The RVO says there was a large blast towards the south on Friday, January 12.

“Big rocks were blasted out and there was a significant amount of material involved,” reports the Observatory.

“The rocks were glowing red. People on Ruprup Island, 15km to the north, could see red glow coming from the area of the summit, or from the hidden southern flank. 

“Only one blast has been reported to date.”

The sleeping volcano, which erupted on January 5, is now emitting significant amounts of sulfur dioxide (SO2).