Rabaul Rugby Football League

BSP backs Rabaul schools rugby league program

This week BSP dished out K40, 000 to kick start this year’s competition

BSP Rabaul branch manager, David Pilai said BSP will continue to support social development such as sports in communities.

This sponsorship would include investing on health and education to prepare them to achieve their dreams.

Meanwhile PNGRFL –NGI Games development Officer, Darius Solomon said, the financial support is a big boost for the competition and acknowledged BSP on behalf of PNGRFL for supporting the school competition for the last three years.

Ashes hold Marlins to Draw

Ashes shot-off to a 6-4 lead at halftime before Kokopo fought their way back into the contest.  

The series, tagged as the ‘Clash of Towns’, was initiated to showcase the best and raw rugby league talent from Kokopo and Rabaul.

Game-2 kicked off at a blistering pace with a lot of big hits from both sides. Ashes, despite having the home ground advantage and a series to save, shot themselves in the foot early with alot of turnovers from poor handling errors, but at times earned a number of dubious penalties to help their course.