Queen Emma Chocolates

Queen Emma Chocolate ramps up production

“We have identified the five main strategic growth drivers of the entire business and structured the operating companies to best achieve this, along with identifying new market segments we can enter using our combined strength. The existing categories of Biscuits, Cooking Oil, Ice Cream, Snacks, and Bottled Water have plenty of head space for growth, whilst our specialist chocolate factory is showing remarkable growth.”

PNG chocolates and spices at Auckland Food Show

Queen Emma Chocolates and Paradise Spices are manufactured by Papua New Guinea’s largest food manufacturers, Paradise Foods.

The company’s core business is its 31 brands including biscuits, snack foods, chocolates, spices, beverages.  But this time around, they are focused on promoting their chocolates and spices range.

Any Easter chocolates from Queen Emma Chocolates?

How about the idea of chocolate Easter Eggs, and Easter bunnies from locally sourced Cocoa?

Unfortunately, PNG’s only chocolate manufacturer does not have such products.

Queen Emma Chocolates is an arm under Paradise Foods Limited, and is new into the market.

It’s famous for its Queen Emma Chocolate bars and Queen Emma Chocolate cookies.

But even if there are no chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies, Queen Emma has been doing free sampling in all supermarkets in Port Moresby for the last two weeks.