Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II surpasses Queen Victoria's long reign


On Wednesday, September 9, 2015, about 5:30 p.m., Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch in Britain's proud and often turbulent history, dating back more than a millennium to the days when kings and queens enjoyed absolute power.

Serving as sovereign for 23,226 days (about 63 years and 7 months), according to Buckingham Palace, Elizabeth surpassed Queen Victoria, her great-great-grandmother, a woman so powerful that she stamped an era with her name.

VIDEO: Scottish crowds thrilled by Queen's visit

In remarks at the inauguration of the new train route in the Scottish borders region, the Queen thanked well-wishers for their "touching messages of great kindness."

Simon Perry of People magazine praised what he described as the Queen's understated approach to her landmark achievement.

Spectators were visibly thrilled by the experience of seeing the monarch.

Queen Elizabeth II leads ceremonies in Britain for WWII victory over Japan

The monarch and other members of the royal family commemorated the event at a church service at St. Martin-in-the-Fields in London, joined by veterans of the conflict and former prisoners of war.

Some in the crowd dabbed their eyes during the solemn ceremony that recalled the pain and the memory of those who had perished.

Prince Philip caught on camera swearing at photographer

The husband of Queen Elizabeth II has been caught apparently using the F-word during a photo shoot.

PhIlip can be heard on a video clip telling a photographer to "just take the f---ing picture" as members of the royal family posed with Battle of Britain veterans.

Queen Elizabeth II heads to Frankfurt on Germany state visit

Church bells rang and a Frankfurt children's choir sang for the 89-year-old monarch and her husband, Prince Philip, as they visited the church and met more than 100 local citizens.

The royal couple then walked on a red carpet over to city hall where they had lunch with dignitaries, featuring local specialties from Hesse state and wines from the region. The queen waved to a crowd in the square outside from the building's balcony — often used in the past by German soccer teams to celebrate winning titles.

Queen Elizabeth II begins state visit to Germany

The 89-year-old monarch and her husband Prince Philip, 94, received a red-carpet welcome as they left their jet at Tegel airport on a grey Berlin evening. A German military honor guard lined their route to their car, while artillery fired a 21-gun salute and fighter jets overflew the area in tribute.

The two shook hands with the British ambassador and others before walking to their waiting limousine to take them to the capital's Hotel Adlon, which overlooks the historic Brandenburg Gate.

Prime Minister O’Neill has audience with HM Queen Elizabeth

The audience took place in what is known as the “White Room” in the castle and afforded the Queen and the Prime Minister an opportunity to share perspectives of significance for Papua New Guinea and the Commonwealth.

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