Pukari Primary School

Turning tragedy into blessing

The Nossar family lost Alisson Aroai Nossar to a car accident four weeks ago.

Honouring Alison’s love of reading, the Nossars will be donating a library to Pukari Primary School in Gulf Province.

The school lack’s reading books and its current library infrastructure is infested with terminates and has been forced to close.

Late Alisson’s mother, Moro Sarufa Nossar, who is also a teacher by profession and local from the area, was saddened by the state during the family’s recent visit to Pukari.

Human resource an issue for remote village

For Pukari, a remote community in Gulf Province, human resource is an issue.

The blame may fall back to Pukari Primary School, but there are many other external contributing factors.

Shedding light and expressing concern was the current headmaster Erevai Toere.

The school has 297 students from grades 3 to 8. There are 80 students in each class, and only 6 teachers to cater for them.

On average, less than 10 students pass on to do Grade 9, either at the Kerema Coronation Secondary School or Malalaua High School.