Public Holiday

NIP schools observe public holiday

The office of the New Ireland Provincial Administration – Social Services confirmed that since the public holiday (Queen’s Birthday) was already included in their 2023 academic calendar, CEO Apelis Benson has given the approval for students to stay home today.

When the nation observes June 16th as the official King’s Birthday, students in New Ireland will continue with their school activities.  

Public servants and the business community, on the other hand, will observe the public holiday on Friday.

‘Illegal’ Manggai holiday

This is two weeks before the scheduled break by the Department of Education.  

The school’s board of management made the decision due to lack of funding, which means the boarding school cannot feed its 600 students.

The school management said when the rest of the schools under the national education system go for break, Manggai will resume for Term Three.

Lae firms to take June 12 off

Lae Chamber of Commerce and Industry president, John Byrne, said they have confirmed with Employers Federation (EFPNG) the legality of this.

“This is quite legal, and as long as any penalty rates are paid on the day chosen by the business as the official day recognising the public holiday, for staff working, and staff are not forced.

“This is not a directive.”

The decision follows the late change in public holiday from June 12th to June 16th by the National Executive Council to observe the official King’s Birthday.

King’s birthday holiday to be observed on June 16

The Chief Secretary to Government, Ivan Pomaleu, announced this change late yesterday evening.

“Earlier this evening, the NEC made the decision to correct the confusion surrounding the date. This announcement concludes a long and protracted wait on Buckingham Palace to confirm the official birthday for King Charles III.”

Declared public holidays for Easter period

Acting secretary, Taies Sansan, says this is further to circular instruction No.30 of 2018 on public holidays for this year.




Good Friday


No public holiday

Secretary for Personal Management John Kali confirmed this today.

However, Kali said public servants must be given time off to cast their votes.

He said he has instructed Departmental Heads give time off to public servants, with pay, to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

The private sector has also been instructed to allow its employees to vote as well.

Polling will begin tomorrow June 24 and ends on July 8, 20-17.

Ordinary Remembrance Day in Enga

Public servants took the day off to do their personal things while members of the public went about with their normal chores.

Many observers said the special day might have been overshadowed by the aftermath of the 15th Pacific Games.

However, the teachers and children from the little known Miok Primary School in Wapenamanda, Enga, decided to take the day off to celebrate in the nearest Lai River either doing laundry or swimming.

Teacher Anton Ambare said they opted to make their way to the river as there  were no special events being organized for them.