Provincial election

Madang Starts Polling On Monday

He said the polling date released by the Electoral Commission is final.

Electoral Commissioner, Simon Sinai when speaking on NBC Talkback Show confirmed that polling for Madang starts on Monday.

Mr Navi confirmed the polling date after a number of concerns regarding the polling dates and locations.

New Caledonia readies for election

Politics in New Caledonia continue to be defined as an overarching contest between those for and those against independence and not as a battle between the left and right.

While previous elections always resulted in a Congress, and then a government, dominated by the pro-French camp, this year may see the balance tilt.

For this to happen, the anti-independence camp would have to lose three or more seats in the 54-strong Congress.

The anti-independence side fears this could happen, the pro-independence side hopes it will.