Provincial Administrator Dr Modowa Gumoi

Wobiro seeks bail on medical grounds

Wobiro, Provincial Administrator Dr Modowa Gumoi, and founder of Fly Care Foundation Inc., Norman Carl May, appeared in court today before Justice Panuel Mogish where they asked the National Court to allow them bail due to their respective medical conditions.

Three different medical reports of the applicants were provided to the court by way of affidavits today, outlining their respective medical conditions.

Wobiro bail application hearing today

The three, represented by their lawyers, Greg Egan and Justin Wohuinangu, appeared before Justice Panuel Mogish this morning where the bail application was moved before a packed courtroom.

The issue of jurisdiction was brought up by the court when Justice Mogish asked Egan, what jurisdiction or powers he had to hear a bail application after conviction. 

The application was filed on Aug 1 under section 10 of the bail act, asking the court for bail after conviction and before sentencing.

Wobiro found guilty of misappropriation

Governor Ati Wobiro and his co-accused; Provincial Administrator Dr Modowa Gumoi, and the chief of Fly Care Foundation Inc. Norman Carl May, were all convicted today by National Court judge, Justice Martin Ipang.

They were found guilty to have conspired in establishing the Fly Care Foundation between January 1and December 30, 2013, by using K7.6 million funding from the provincial government.

They conspired to misappropriate funds through a memorandum of agreement between Governor Wobiro and May for the Foundation to deliver projects in the province.