Governor cautions protest march organisers

Muthuvel told Loop PNG that he is aware of the planned and agreed to all the concerns raised but is cautious that proper procedures must be followed and that no business houses should be affected.

 “I cannot do a stunt myself. Appropriate authorities must be consulted and involved to be effective.

“These include police, labour, immigration and customs must be involved,” he said.

He calls on the organiser (Caspar Reure) to have an equal playing field in WNB.

Muthuvel said the Provincial Administrator Williamson Hosea had been also made aware of the protest.

VIDEO: Migrants protest against Hungary border closure

New laws in Hungary took effect on Tuesday to stop the huge flow of migrants through the country.

Serbia's social affairs minister in charge of migrants has called for the border to be reopened.

Statute of the devil causes protests in Russia

The sculpture was a small landmark in St. Petersburg, a city noted for its striking architecture. It is not clear who removed it last week, although a group which identified itself as Cossacks claimed responsibility. City authorities said they have found fragments of it amid construction refuse.

Lebanese stage largest protests yet sparked by trash crisis

They chanted "revolution, revolution" while setting a three-day ultimatum for authorities to respond to demands, including the resignation of a Cabinet minister.

It signaled the most significant public outburst of anger against a dysfunctional system of government, but demonstrators have yet to chart a clear path toward change.

VIDEO: Protest as bulldozers clear houses

The Islamabad administration used police and paramilitary to move forward with the planned operation to demolish the houses after the Islamabad High Court ordered the demolition of "illegal slums" in the federal capital.

Footage filmed by the Associated Press showed a partially dressed toddler being removed from a home by police shortly before it was bulldozed.