Violence erupts at protests over alleged police rape in Paris suburb

More than 2,000 people marched Saturday in Bobigny, a suburban town nearly six miles (9.2 kilometers) northeast of the French capital. They chanted and carried signs demanding justice for a 22-year-old man who says he was sodomized by a police officer's baton.

The demonstrations turned violent when a few hundred protesters broke away from the march and began rioting, police said. They smashed windows, set cars and trash cans on fire and attacked law enforcement personnel, who responded by firing tear gas into the crowd.

Mekeo women to protest for gender equality and rights

The protest aims to enhance opportunities for gender equality and women empowerment.

The women claim that for years they have been the scapegoats of taboos and customs.

They have suffered for years from continuous alcohol and drug-related verbal and physical abuse plus sexual violence that has deprived women rights in the rural areas.

The organisers say they aim to speak out for the silent majority and break down the stigma that accompanies so many experiences of violence and abuses.

Hundreds rally in Australia over juvenile 'torture' footage

Demonstrators gathered in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to express shock at footage showing indigenous boys being tear-gassed.

The video also shows a boy wearing a "split hood" while cuffed to a chair.

Australia's Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has called for an investigation.

However, he rejected calls for a broader national inquiry.

Around 700 people rallied in Melbourne and 300 in Sydney, according to Reuters.

Footage of the abuse first emerged on national broadcaster ABC's Four Corners programme.

Praise for leadership of PNG students over protest

Students at the University of PNG in Port Moresby have been boycotting classes for three weeks and last week issued Peter O'Neill an ultimatum to step down over a major fraud case he is implicated in.

The prime minister hasn't acceded to the demand, but commended the students on the mature manner in which the petition was presented to the government delegation at UPNG.

The delegation included the National Capital Governor, Powes Parkop, who commended the over 15-thousand students for their commitment to PNG's future.

Police close market

The Gulf man, in his mid-40s, said this following the forced closure of Hohola market this morning.

Police moved into the bus stop area under the incomplete overhead bridge to stop people congregating. Betelnut sellers scattered in all directions.

Police then broke open a bag of betelnut which they had confiscated earlier and scattered the contents across the street. The whole area, at that moment, was thrown into chaos.

TST, RH and all other shops have closed down.

Evare says the market people should be left alone to do their daily business.

PM calls on students to think before acting

“They will not be there for you when you are in trouble.

“Take it from me. I was a victim of outside influence when I was a student at the UPNG.

“I was involved in student protests and strike because people told us that we, students, were the protector of the rule of law and representative of the silent majority.

“When I was in trouble, no one came to rescue me. All the friends and people who influenced me were never there when I needed them.

Academic staff declare support for students

In an official statement given to Loop PNG, NASA said: “Like many other stakeholders in the country and especially the UPNG student body, NASA is deeply concerned about the economic mismanagement of the country and the need for the preservation and maintenance of the Constitution and the rule of law.”

The association said the principle that each citizen must subject himself/herself to the rule of law, irrespective of economic, power, social and political disposition or persuasion.

Activists say to protest, not march

Chairman of the PNG Anti-Corruption Movement for Change Lucas Kiap told Loop PNG that the arrangement will be for a protest gathering to be held at the Unagi oval in Port Moresby.

A letter was given to the metropolitan police commander’s office today (Thursday) requesting for police presence and clearance for the event.

Kiap says that supporters are asked to arrive by 9am and take up position at the Unagi oval area.

Meantime, NCD metropolitan police Commander Ben Turi is yet to officially approve the protest gathering.

PNG Loop’s 5@5

We will not march in protest, students say

The University of Papua New Guinea students will not be marching in protest today or any other day.


UPNG on lock down

All doors to lecture rooms, staff offices and even the UPNG clinic are closed.


Unions to hold forum

President of the PNG Communication Workers Union Jack Boari tells Loop PNG that in a union coalition meeting yesterday, they moved to hold forums until they are addressed by the Prime Minister over many of their outstanding claims.

Boari says they will not be moved and that the unions in the coalition, namely the energy workers, maritime and transport, Air Nuigini employees and bankers unions are all on board with the idea.