Professor Fr. Jan Czuba

Court refuse Fr Jan’s bail

Magistrate Tracey Ganai said she was not satisfied on reasonable grounds that Fr Jan had interfered with the state witness while he was on bail for charges of official corruption and abuse of office.

The State prosecutor had submitted that Fr. Jan had interfered with a key witness and complainant Sebastian Bosco by having him arrested over a cyber-related matter.

Meanwhile, the submission on sufficiency of evidence on Fr. Jan’s case will return on the 13th of May 2021.

Fr. Jan is currently on a K3, 000 bail.

Higher education selection to be improved

Secretary for the Department, Professor Fr. Jan Czuba, said one of the focal points for some time has been the National Selection process that is facilitated by the department.

Fr. Jan explains that in the current process, every Higher Education Institution (HEI) is allowed to structure their admission requirements.

The information is then passed to schools where school leavers are selecting institutions and programs which they would like to apply to.