Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project

WB mission ends another successful check

The mission included field visits to project sites in four provinces including Eastern Highlands, Morobe, Madang, East Sepik and East New Britain.

The Mission met with PPAP coffee project management unit in Goroka and the cocoa component in Kokopo.

In the first meeting at Coffee Industry Corporation’s (CIC) head office in Goroka, Chief Executive Officer, Charles Dambui, praised the PPAP modality for its transparent and accountable process.

Impact project transparent: CIC

The chief executive officer of Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC), Charles Dambui, praised the PPAP modality while welcoming the 13th World Bank-led implementation support mission to Goroka on 4 October, 2017. The mission included officials from IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development), GoPNG reps from DAL and Treasury. They met with CIC-PPAP team to discuss progress of coffee rehabilitation in the country.

“We had some coffee development programs funded by donors but this (PPAP) is one of our impact projects.

​Officers urged to put farmers first

“If you focus on the pay you will lose focus on the job. You’re here to serve the farmers,” says Project Manager Potaisa Hombunaka to 42 officers currently attending a training at SIL Ukarumpa in the Aiyura Valley, Eastern Highlands Province.

Church pastor: Rehabilitation of coffee in ENB is a blessing

“If we want change we must change our thinking and attitude.

“Get rid of backbiting and jealousy and return to God. Only God can change us and not any books that we read I tell you.”

Pastor Lupai said this during the signing of a Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (PPAP) agreement between Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) and private firm New Britain Resources Development Ltd and Co Partner Qaqet Stewardship Council Inc. The signing ceremony took place at Sinivit LLG headquarters in Pomio District on Friday 30 June, 2016.

Coffee rehab work to follow new stringent guidelines

Hombunaka said the new guidelines will ensure Lead Partners report accurately their activities including use of finance and procurement of items under their work plans to improve farming practices, increase coffee production and quality hence more income for growers.

The improved guidelines were explained in a meeting to potential partners under call 4 on Tuesday 26 and Wednesday April 27 at Bird of Paradise Hotel, Goroka.

These changes follows lessons learned from call 1 and 2 where Lead Partners did not report accurately their activities including use of finance.

Coffee office needs funding to extend work

This was revealed by Project Manager for coffee component of Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (PPAP), Potaisa Hombunaka.

This provinces next inline are Southern Highlands, Enga, East Sepik, Madang, Morobe and East New Britain.

Hombunaka said the extension will increase PPAP’s coverage with 18 new partnerships involving various coffee producers, exporters, non-government organizations, Christian based organisations and church organizations to improve coffee production and quality in Papua New Guinea.