First-ever parole hearing at prison

The Board deliberated on applications by 14 eligible applicants from Bihute prison, nine from Bundara, 14 from Bomana and 13 from Daru.  

The parole board decisions are important to detainee applicants and their families as it can ultimately have an effect on their livelihood.

Secretary for the Department of Justice and Attorney General and Chairman of the Parole Board, Dr. Eric Kwa, said by having dialogue with people on the ground through the visits allows for better understanding of their challenges.

Prison review to tackle nationwide issues

The review has seen 79 recommendations compiled, which will be submitted to NEC by the minister responsible.

The prison review commenced in 2017 after funding was made available to the Correctional Service from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and Justice Services & Stability for Development Program (JSS4D) programs of the Australian government.

Bomana, Baisu, Beru and Beon were along prisons visited for recommendations to be made that will assist with a modernisation program for prisons around the country.

17 and on the run

He has been on the run for months now, after being falsely accused of stealing from his employer.

He was a carrier for a local businesswoman named *Mary. He’d carry her second-hand clothes bales daily, to and from her place to the market. Second-hand clothing is a popular and demanding market in the country, and makes good money.

Larry’s engagement wasn’t long before one of the bales went missing. Blaming Larry, Mary had him arrested, charged and thrown in jail.

19 recaptured, 22 still at large: PPC

According to East New Britain provincial police commander, Joseph Tabali, police have started a combined operation with the Correctional Service to recapture the remaining 22 escapees.

PPC Tabali said so far, the communities of ENB have been cooperative and forthcoming with information.

“I am working with the aim to get all 41 escapees back into the prison camp in Kerevat and police is working around the clock to get this done,” he said.

Buimo escapee finds himself in court

Andrew Jawa was arrested and charged for armed robbery and unlawful use of motor vehicle, with two others, over an armed robbery that took place at Koki in April this year.

While in custody, police and Correctional Service realised he was an escapee from Buimo and slapped him with an additional charge of escaping lawful custody.

He appeared at the Waigani Committal Court today where his lawyer made submissions in relation to the armed robbery and unlawful use of motor vehicle charge.

Pele's son returns to prison

Edinho, a former Santos goalkeeper, handed himself in to police on Friday after a Brazilian court ordered his return to prison.

His solicitor said they would take their appeal to the Supreme Court following the latest failed attempt to quash the conviction.

"As he always did, Edson showed up when the arrest warrant was issued," Eugenio Malavasi was quoted as saying by A Tribuna.

In quotes reported by UOL, he said: "We're discussing the sentences and interposing extraordinary appeals.

Judge to visit Buimo prison

Justice Panuel Mogish is in Lae to assist the crimes court in the Morobe Province with its backlog of cases.

He said unlike the situation in other provinces, detainees awaiting and attending court at Waigani from Bomana have good interaction with the courts regarding their case.

He adjourned all matters listed before him at Waigani this month to July during the call over early this week.

He encouraged those on bail in Port Moresby to return to court next month.