Prime Minister

No more owing politicians favours: PM

Prime Minister James Marape told the business community that everyone in this country, including businesses and politicians, will be bound by the law.

Speaking at the Speakers Investment Summit in Port Moresby, Marape said his government intends to remove impediments that hinder the flow of business.

“Gone are the days where you will think that you owe a favour to a politician for you to push your papers through,” said the PM. “We want to remove impediments in the system so that your project submissions, your dealing with government is done with less blockages.

Govt stance on investors reiterated

This was the statement made by Prime Minister James Marape during today’s 2nd Speakers Investment Summit in Port Moresby, where he reiterated their goal of revamping the Government’s system to ensure there is efficiency and effectiveness when collecting taxes.

“Most, if not, all of you in this room this morning are regular, habitual, good corporate citizens of our country,” he said. “You pay your fair share of tax. But we believe that there’s enough room for collections that we are missing right now and that is something that we intend to do.

New police minister’s task

Madang MP Bryan Kramer was among other MPs who were appointed and sworn in yesterday (June 7th).

“We will be asking of him, in the first instance, to restore credibility to the entire police hierarchy,” said Prime Minister James Marape.

While Kramer’s appointment may come as a result of the call of the people, he now has a mammoth task of cleaning up the police force.

Get behind Govt: Marape

PM Marape made these remarks when addressing the nation on Wednesday night.

Recently elected as the 8th Prime Minister on the floor of Parliament, Tari-Pori MP James Marape says everyone must get behind the government and address the challenges ahead.

“We are a nation of many opportunities. We have natural assets that not too many countries, globally speaking, can profess to have. We have oil, gold, gas, nickel, copper and all the agricultural products put together; we have timber and fisheries. These are resources many nations of the world do not have.”

PM Marape reminded of anti-rot initiatives

“Prime Minister Marape introduced governance reforms within the Department of Finance when he was Minister, such as the Integrated Finance Management System (IFMS), the establishment of a new National Procurement Commission and the innovative Phones Against Corruption initiative whereby citizens can text reports of corruption to the 16321 SMS service,” said TIPNG in their statement.

PM seat vacant

O’Neill addressed the House this morning, saying he had handed in his resignation to the Governor General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae at 9:45am.

The Speaker of Parliament, Job Pomat, confirmed this with a letter in his hand, from the office of the Governor General.

“I have a letter from the Governor General acknowledging receipt of the Prime Minister’s resignation. The Prime Minister’s seat is now vacant.”

The office of the Governor General also confirmed that they did receive O’Neill’s letter of resignation, and have in writing to the Speaker, acknowledged it.

O'Neill steps down as PM

O'Neill made the announcment today and handed over the leadership to Sir Julius Chan.

O'Neill, when making the announcement today at the Crown Hotel said the recent movement of MPs calls for a change in government.

He said that despite this, the People's National Congress still remains the largest party in the government.

More to come on Loop PNG and TVWan News tonight.

VoNC motion yet to be screened

Acting Parliamentary Counsel Richard Whitchurch explained this is because the Private Business Committee that screens all private business motions did not sit on Wednesday last week, because parliament was adjourned. The Committee only meets when parliament meets or convenes.

The Committee is chaired by Speaker Job Pomat, the Deputy Speaker and five other elected Members who are not ministers.

PM responds to Pruaitch

The Prime Minister made this statement when responding to queries raised by Opposition leader Patrick Pruaitch on the PNGSDP funds.

Pruaitch called on PM Peter O’Neill to stop futile attempts to derail social and economic development programs sponsored by PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd in Western Province.

PM accepts Marape’s verbal resignation

“He has been a Minister since he was first elected as a Member of Parliament,” O’Neill said in a statement.

“This commitment has presented challenges at the district level and he has not spent enough time with his electorate and on issues that are close to his people.

“We are all elected as local Members first and foremost, and our districts and provinces require great attention for us to ensure improving levels of service delivery.

“I have not heard from the Minister, as a matter of protocol I expect he will be in contact soon to convey his intentions.