Prime Minister

O’Neill to cast his vote today

The polling is set to begin after the church service.

Women and men openly shared tears of joy as the Prime Minister entered the village.

He took part praising and worshipping the Lord.

It is an unusual scene to see the PM sitting among his people and worshiping together.

Polling in Pangia was deferred from Friday to Saturday till today.

The delay was due to late arrival of the ballot boxes and quality checks done by polling officials.

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VIDEO: Prime Minister in Boku

He was accompanying fellow PNC candidate and incumbent Rigo MP, Ano Pala on his campaign rally.


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PM: Don’t make me stubborn over building infrastructure!

O’Neill made this statement today when officially opening the Sir Reuben Taureka Highway along the Six-Mile to Bautama turn-off in the Central Province.

He said his government has been criticised for building infrastructure in the nation’s capital lately.

However, he said those criticisms are mere talk to get political gain.

“Criticisms are sometimes very healthy when its constructive criticism and not unnecessary criticisms.

“When you do such criticisms that is not constructive, you are simply making me stubborn.

Moresby South candidate Anna Skate stages first campaign rally

The daughter of former Prime Minister the Late Sir William Skate said she decided to stage her first campaign rally where her late father grew up.

The Rabia settlement is made up of mostly settlers from the Baimuru area of Gulf Province.

Ms Skate is the only female candidate running against 40 male candidates including sitting member Justin Tkatchenko in the 2017 National Elections for Moresby South.

She said that she is not afraid to challenge the men in this election.

O’Neill boasts about building many roads

“In 2012, when we took office only 23 per cent of all our roads (national highways) in the country were said to be in a good condition; today, I can tell you that over 50 per cent of roads in the country are classified as in good condition,” O’Neill said during the launching of PNC campaign for the election today in Port Moresby.   

“We (PNC led government) have rebuilt over 3,000km of roads throughout the country, but we have further 10, 000km we have to attend to, these are key major roads linking all our towns, cities and districts.”

O’Neill calls on PNGSDP Chairman to resign

O’Neill urged the chairman of PNGSDP to respect rules of the program that prevent active politicians holding a position on the board.

PM O’Neill said in addition to the breach of PNGSDP rules, the known mismanagement of SDP funds, with millions of US dollars missing, there is no other choice for the Chairman, but to resign.

“SDP funds belong to the children, women and men of Western Province, not the Chairman,” the Prime Minister said.

“SDP money is being used to fund Mekere’s mates, who are paid millions of dollars in commissions and consultancy fees.

Let the people decide: PM O’Neill

Those were the remarks from Prime Minister Peter O’Neill when delivering his party policies at the National Research Institute today in Port Moresby.

O’Neill’s party, People’s National Congress (PNC) is the leading coalition partner in the Government.

O’Neill said every PNC candidate contesting in the elections will not force people to vote for them rather let the people make decisions on their own.

“We have delivered to the people and let them make decision as to whether they will mandate us again or not.

Lady Veronica acknowledged

O’Neill also recognised their children and family and their contributions to the country.

Lade Veronica was present today in Parliament chambers during Sir Michaels farewell parliamentary session.

“Mr Speaker, it remains for me to pay special tribute to the Grand Chief’s family, who have been his rock over such a long period in public life.

“I know the House, and the Nation, will join with me in expressing our gratitude and best wishes to Lady Veronica,” said O’Neill.

DSIP to continue until Return of Writs

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill revealed this in parliament today after he was asked by the member for Kavieng, Ben Micah to explain, as many assumed that an Mp’s term in parliament ends at the issue of writs.

Micah also sought answers from the prime minister on Section 27 of the Ombudsman Commission act that calls for all project funds to be frozen until after elections in order to avoid abuse.

Government is maintaining its debt level: PM

He says there is no need for panic.

O'Neill made this assurance when responding to Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil on the recent loan the government obtained from the Asian Development Bank.

Basil questioned the Prime Minister and needed clarification on the K80 million obtained to carry out road projects in Ialibu-Pangia in Southern Highlands Province, and the recent K222m for water supply in rural areas across the country.