Prime Minister

MRDC Amendment Bill Passed

The Bill allows for governance procedures relating to appointment of directors on the MRDC board, and the election of directors for the MRDC company boards, to commence as mandated by its respective company constitution.

It rectifies the unintended consequences of the current provision in the Principal Act, in that it prevents the refreshing of representational mandate for directors on the MRDC board and project area representative directors on their MRDC Company boards, by subjecting it to the MRDC company constitution and the Companies Act 1997.

PM’s First Official Visit To WNB

After a fruitful day of talks with landowners of Wafi-Golpu mine in Morobe Province at Mumeng yesterday, the Prime Minister is expected to arrive in Kimbe where he will be greeted and hosted at the Vogae Park with traditional singsings and school activities.

It will be there that PM Marape will have the opportunity to inform the people on progress of work on the construction of their multi-million kina WNB provincial hospital, the upgrade of Kimbe-Hoskins road, and a reply to their request to Parliament on whether Talasea can be split into two districts.

Information on COVID-19 Demanded

Sir Puka said this would allow the parliament to discuss issues relating to this.

“Can the executive government be responsible to this country and the people of this country to inform through the leadership on the COVID situation in this country,” he said.

When responding, the Prime Minister assured the parliament that the Health Minister will make a public statement tomorrow if parliament resumes, and encouraged all citizens to access publicly available information through various channels.

EHP gets K59m for projects

He has worked with leaders of Eastern Highlands to secure K59 million for various projects in the province.

While in Goroka, he made several announcements of infrastructure projects that the National Government has transferred.

Kainantu-Aiyura Road = K4 million

Mauga-Sindari Road = - K4 million

Goroka District roads = - K4 million

Goroka Town Road = - K10 million

Goroka Town water supply =- K3 million

Lufa-Okapa Road = K4 million

Daulo-Mando Road = K5 million

Okapa-Kimi Ring Road = K4 million

PM visits Goilala haus krai

He said this yesterday when visiting the haus krai of 15 people killed in the recent landslide at Saki Village in Goilala.

Nine bodies have been recovered so far.

Prime Minister Marape said he was very close to the Goilala people because Goilala MP and Transport Minister, William Samb, and Central Governor Robert Agarobe, had been instrumental in making him Prime Minister.

He further cautioned the people to consider their safety when mining for gold in areas like Saki, warning them against chopping down trees.

PM tasks police to look into Jenelyn case

“Penalty provisions for domestic violence or any crime for that matter is in our laws and all we need is an effective prosecution. This starts by reporting a crime; standing as witnesses to assist prosecute a criminal, including those involved in domestic violence. Therefore, the police must conduct prosecution accurately without failing,” stated PM Marape.

No interference in police investigations: PM

PM Marape made this statement in light of a purported copy of Section 61 instrument being released into public domain, with some claiming Marape as a ‘player’ in this saga.

“Finance Ministers sign Section 46(b) of the IPBC Act and Section 61 of the PFM Act based on requests from State Agencies, including SOEs, and are always amongst the last in the chain of the approval process,” stated the PM.

Plans for unemployed youths

He gave assurance that despite COVID-19, we will rise together as a nation.

“Let me speak to the youths of our country, many of you are not at schools and are looking for meaningful pursuits of life. We have you covered,” said PM Marape.

“During the next two months, I want to know all the youths of our country, wherever you are, especially those who are not in our schools or formally employed.

PNG urged to stand united

He has urged citizens to forget their differences and work together to keep the country safe.

“Whether it’s a church difference or political difference or tribal difference or business difference, we live in one country, one border,” stated the PM.

“The protection of our border is very important and that’s what we’re all about; to ensure that our country is safe from coronavirus.”

PNG’s potential K200bn economy

Prime Minister James Marape said PNG has enough gas resources to develop five LNG trains which can then have a massive impact on the economy.

“Certainly, five trains of LNG will help me achieve my dream that we will go past K200bn economy in 10 years,” he said at the Back to Business Breakfast on January 30th.

“That is achievable and within sight. We are working to ensure that the discussion on a fifth train is secured at terms that is not harmful to investors but also at terms consistent with the laws of this land.”