Prime Minister Peter O’Neill

Electoral Commissioner has the duty to distribute Ballot Papers: PM

Chuave MP Wera Mori directed a question in Parliament today to the Prime Minister asking him to clarify where ballot papers for 2017 elections would packed before distribution.

 “Is it true that Ballot Papers will be packed in Port Moresby and sent to the electorates’ unlike in the past where Ballot Papers were sent to electorates and packed in front of everyone, so everyone knew how many ballot papers were distributed to each wards based on number of population in particular ward,” Mori said. 

Iranian refugee uses PNG passport to Fiji: Juffa

“Prime Minister are you aware that a 21-year-old, Iranian Refugee who made his way from Manus Asylum Centre to Fiji, and seeking asylum,” Oro Governor Gary Juffa asked during Question Time.   

“What actions is taken to conduct an investigation and highlight the security breaches in this instances, what type of passport he used, I was informed that it was a Papua New Guinean passport.

Landowners of Manumanu will not be evicted: O’Neill

The private purchase of the land valued at K46.6 million by Kumul Consolidated Holdings behalf of the State on a the company in question with links to a senior cabinet minister had been the hot question in the second week of Parliament sitting.

O’Neill said he had received a detailed report of the acquisition and payment of the land to relocate PNGDF Naval base, Murray and Taurama Barracks out of Port Moresby, and will give a detailed report after going through the report.     

‘Traim tasol’ candidates will be eliminated with increase in nomination fees

The current nomination fee is K1,000, and the O’Neill – Dion Government will certainly make amendment to the Organic Law on National and Local Level Government Elections (OLPLLG) in the March sitting before heading to the polls.

O’Neill in the second reading of the proposed legislative amendment, to change K1,000 to K10,000 on OLPLLG got an absolute majority vote 75- 14 despite shouting by the Opposition bench for more debates in Parliament on Wednesday.                

Sir Michael calls for PNGDF call out in disaster times

Sir Michael in a supplementary question directed to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said PNGDF expertise must be used whenever natural disaster strikes anywhere in the country.

 O’Neill in response said, that was the norm but will direct the National Disaster Office to do more consultation with PNGDF to use their expertise when needed.

Picture by Kennedy Bani. 

Juffa calls on Government to develop national disaster plan

“The Government (must develop a) National Disaster Policy, Provincial Disaster Mitigation Policy and Provincial Disaster Coordination Mechanism which the country does not have in place,” Juffa asked in Parliament today.

“Can we have some clarification, who is in charge when there is a natural disaster, is it the Department of Provincial & Local Government Affairs or is it the Prime Minister’s Office?”

Senior Minister in claims of K46.6 million land purchase, House told

“I have in my possession information, Mr Prime Minister which connects your Minister for State Enterprise (Minister Public Enterprise & State Investment), Hon William Duma, (and) Member for Hagen to the sale of K46.6 million of this land at Manumanu where it is 10km inland and I do not understand how you will build a wharf,” Peoples Progress Party leader Ben Micah told Parliament.   

Disciplinary officers’ conducts need attention: Mori

Chuave MP, Wera Mori said the conduct of PNGDF personnel who physically abused NCD Police boss Ben Turi on New Year’s Eve needs urgent attention.     

“PNGDF will be working alongside Police to provide security for the upcoming elections,” Mori said.   

He said, with many reports of public been abused by PNGDF and Police Personnel, the government can look at forming a paramilitary, where both institutions will come under one command. 

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill responded to the question because Defence Minister Fabian Pok was absent from today’s session.

Basil asks about security features on ballot papers

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made this response in response to series of questions from Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil, today in Parliament.   

“Mr Speaker, I will get the Electoral Commissioner to put a public advertisement on his decision about printing and election dates,” O’Neill said.

“Electoral Commissioner must be transparent and accountable to the people of Papua New Guinea so everybody is aware of how he is conducting the elections.”

Close to K50 million paid to acquire new Defence Force base land

This followed a Question without Notice from Sumkar MP, Ken Fairweather directed to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to confirm that K46. 6 million was paid by Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH) to acquire the land in Kairuku–Hiri District of Central Province.

O’Neill in response asked Deputy Speaker John Simon’s blessing for State Enterprise Minister William Duma to answer the question.

“I am only aware to the nature of the deal yesterday when the questioned was asked to the Defence Minister.