Prime Minister Peter O’Neill

New fisheries system to be in place

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has announced, this new system rewards those companies who support development and employment in the national fisheries sector.

Effective January 1, the Government will end the discounts to fishing fees, which has grown to more than excess of US$100 million (K330 million) each year.

Based on current levels of processing, under the new rebate system it is anticipated that US$70 million (K235 million) in revenue will be generated in the tuna sector in 2018.

O’Neill assures ABG on referendum

He made the commitment during the closing of the Joint Supervisory Body meeting in Port Moresby on Friday (Dec 15).

The conclusion of the JSB meeting began with ironing of technical agreements, which then led to a negotiation scenario.

After two hours and with both sides satisfied, binding documents were signed.

Later in a joint media conference, PM O’Neill announced that at the heart of the meeting was the referendum agenda, particularly the setting up of the referendum transitional committee.

PM opens new K300,000 TB clinic

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, when officially opening the K300,000 new TB clinic at the Port Moresby General Hospital today, said although there are many challenges faced in the sector, the Government continues to overcome the issues amicably.

With this new TB facility, the Port Moresby General Hospital can now be able to treat TB patients straight away after the TB lab test and x-ray results are done on the same day.

The facility consists of a TB clinic and pathology lab.

Appeals on PM arrest warrant heard

The warrant was issued by the District Court on 12 June, 2014.

Lawyers for the Prime Minister and Police Commissioner presented arguments in court before a bench comprising of Justices Joseph Yagi, Terrence Higgins and Harold Terrence Foulds.

The joint appeals filed by O'Neill and Police Commissioner Gari Baki, against the decision of the National Court, went before the Supreme Court for hearing.

The hearing follows the stay that was granted by the Supreme Court on August 10 restraining police from carrying out the arrest.

Who is responsible for refugees?

This was the message delivered by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill when addressing the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday in New York.  

“Many of the challenges that confront us today are not of our making, but we bear the consequences of actions by other larger and developed countries,” PM O’Neill said to leaders and delegates from UN Member States. 

“We are facing a refugee crisis in the world today,” says the PM.

“People are being pushed out of their homes because of war, natural disasters and the loss of livelihood. 

​DSIP only paid to new MPs: O’Neill

He said most of these MPs were new Members of Parliament and not all of them were given their funding.

The question of DSIP and PSIP was raised by Maprik MP John Simon during yesterday’s parliament sitting.

“At least share the funds adequately to all MPs across the board and everyone can get fair funding, regardless of which side of the house we are in.”

He urged the Prime Minister to at least do the horouable thing by distributing the funds equally and not for MPs in the government side only.

Investor confidence reaffirmed

In his first official engagement at the Prime Minister’s Breakfast in Port Moresby, O’Neill said the government will continue to work closely with the business community.

He admitted that while there will be policy reforms,  they will not introduce policies that will harm that investment confidence in the country.

O’Neill highlighted the foreign exchange issues which currently affect many businesses and companies.

​DSIP fund not acquitted: Micah

Former Minister for State Enterprises and Kavieng MP, Ben Micah, told Loop PNG that most districts, including his own (Kavieng), have not been acquitted since 2013.

Micah was responding to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s statement in regard to the Kavieng DSIP.

O’Neill raised serious questions about what happened to the more than K40 million delivered to the Kavieng District over the past four years.

Free Education Policy to be made a law

The ruling People’s National Congress (PNC) Party, led by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill want to make its Free Education Policy into an Act of Parliament.

He also admitted that the policy needs to be reviewed.

“I agree with many of our critics that there have been challenges, it has not been easy but it does not mean that it is a bad policy,” O’Neill said on FM 100 Talk back show on Thursday.    

“We accept criticism of its Free Education Policy but adamant to improve and make it a legal law if PNC forms Government.      

PM questions former Minister’s motive


O’Neill said Patrick Pruaitch should have come out public while still in the government.

“In just a few weeks, we have seen National Alliance (NA) party members abandoning long-held and publicly stated policy positions and claiming that they had not been honest in their public statements while in Government,” O’Neill said in a statement.

“The former Treasurer (Patrick Pruaitch) has claimed that his financial powers as Treasurer were removed last year and that he did not make this public until after being removed from office.