Prime Minister Peter O’Neill

PM assures Tutumang on Wafi-Golpu Project

O’Neill said the Government will ensure the Tutumang, legitimate landowners and other key stakeholders participate in the project agreement discussion of the Wafi-Golpu Project.

He said this when questioned by Markham MP, Koni Iguan, on the Morobe Provincial Government’s refusal to sign the Memorandum of Understanding between the State and developer Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture (WGJV).

The Markham MP asked the Prime Minister to explain the recent events surrounding the Wafi-Golpu Project and the refusal of the Tutumang to sign.

PM pays tribute to late Lady Hannah

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said this during a tribute at her funeral yesterday.

The Prime Minister, along with ministers, governors, Government House and Parliament staff, joined the families of Governor General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae and the late Lady Hannah to say farewell.

The casket of the late Lady Hannah entered the Marimari Lutheran Church grounds in Port Moresby escorted by state officials.

A traditional mass ceremony was held for her, who was said to be a humanitarian.

PM defends Govt on journalist’s suspension

He said EMTV runs its own affairs and the decision was entirely on the organisation.

When responding to this newsroom on the involvement of Government with the suspension of the senior journalist, PM O’Neill said he has no knowledge of the EMTV management’s decision.

However, he said he will find out more in the next few days on what had actually transpired.

Hong Kong pledges support to PNG

These were made known in a brief closed-door bilateral meeting between Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Hong Kong Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, November 19th.

 On behalf of Hong Kong’s Premier, Lam told Prime Minister O’Neill that Hong Kong is happy to share its experiences with PNG in various aspects as far as capacity building is concerned.

“We look forward to seeing you again in future meetings or when you next visit Hong Kong.”

PM O’Neill opens leaders’ meeting

They will be discussing a range of issues that are already being put forward by officials from each economy.

“I know today many of you will be leaving our shores but let me say that we are very grateful for your visit," says PM O'Neill.

He added the leaders' visit had given hope to the people of PNG.

"In doing so, it will continue to enhance our involvement of our own respective countries in our economies with challenges ahead of us."

The leaders are now having their closed-door discussions.


PM O’Neill thanks President Xi

PM O’Neill, when giving his speech at the official opening of Port Moresby’s Independence Boulevard intersection, said PNG and China’s relationship go back to colonial days.

He said China has been a good friend to PNG, like our other neighbouring countries.

“I know he’s got a busy schedule but showing us and respecting us and coming to our country and respecting our country’s relationship by visiting our country on his first official visit.”

CEO Summit underway in Port Moresby

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, in giving the welcome remarks, maintained that the economy has seen continuous stable growth in the last 16 years coupled with political stability.

But he highlighted that so much trade opportunities are not going to be fully appreciated by the business and private sector, let alone civil society, if the government works in isolation.

He said while PNG is playing increasing roles in international forums, governments need to continue to be more actively engaged with civil society and business.

Cheapest APEC meet in history, claims PM

The PM, in addressing APEC support staff at the International Convention Centre on November 12th, also said APEC gives PNG the opportunity to access trade and investment among the APEC economies.

PNG’s cost of hosting APEC has been debated far and wide, from parliament to concerned taxpayers.

Moresby North-West MP, Sir Mekere Morauta, recently called on Prime Minister O’Neill to come clean on the total cost of APEC spending.

PM responds to political parties’ merger

“Rearranging deck chairs in the same boat is not going to increase numbers for the opposition,” said the PM in a statement this afternoon.

“Mekere is the most yoyo MP on record of PNG politics.

“He has been with more parties than any other leader in the country’s history.

“He went from PDM to PNG Party to Pangu to now NA and was an independent member for so many times between parties.

“Sadly for him, this political opportunism will leave him isolated, lacking in friends and respect, with shattered dreams and no party will be his legacy.”

Unique opportunities anticipated in PNG’s telecom sector

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said the deal, which was signed two years ago, is part of the Government’s investment in undersea cabling.

During the October 31st Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry breakfast, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said the undersea cabling projects will create unique opportunities in the telecommunications sector.

“It can be noted that when Digicel increased investment in this sector, our GDP increased by 1 percent,” he told attendees during the breakfast at Hilton Hotel.