Prime Minister James Marape

PM refutes pay cut claim

In response to the Opposition’s claim of pay cuts, the PM said: “No legitimately secured awards to teachers or proper salaries will be deducted as that is our workers’ entitlements.

“We are only concerned about duplicity, unlawful wastage and lack of productivity in our public services that we will tidy but that has nothing to do with cutting their legitimate pays or secured industrial increases.

All official travel to be vetted by PM’s office

He said this is to ensure that expenditure is reined in and to eliminate the continued waste due to unnecessary travel.

He made this statement during a press briefing yesterday to confirm that pressing domestic issues have resulted in him forgoing the 74th United Nations General Assembly, as well as the cancellation of the large delegation that was supposed to accompany him.

Marape said he was informed that the delegation that had been proposed to accompany him to New York comprised of some 55 officials at a cost of more than K1.2 million.

Oil Search maintains it pays tax

“I like to believe that PNG governments in the past and present have had quite a significant input into what Oil Search is today and without that support, Oil Search shares will still be pegging along the same track as Santos and many of the companies operating in the country,” Marape said at Oil Search’s 90-year anniversary gala dinner event in Port Moresby.

“I want to pay my respects to the landowners of the entire areas in which Oil Search has operated since 1929, some of them here tonight, me included.

Leave buai at home, public servants told

Staff of the National Housing Corporation who had a visit from Prime Minister James Marape on July 15th were bluntly told off.

“Simple thing first and please public servants right across the country. Yu lusim buai lo haus blo yu. Yu laik helpim mi senisim kantri, your attitude (chewing) will not make us change this country,” stated Marape.

PM visits NHC

This morning he visited the staff of the National Housing Corporation alongside minister responsible, Justin Tkatchenko.

The National Housing Corporation is one government entity that has seen huge concerns of corruption being raised against it.

PM Marape paid a visit to the staff of the NHC not only to empower them but see the working environment.

No salary increases: Marape

This will be his position as a member of the Salaries and Remuneration Committee (SRC).

Marape said this after being sworn in as member of the SRC today.

The official swearing-in ceremony of three new members of the Salaries and Remuneration Committee was held at Government House and signed off by Governor General Sir Bob Dadae.

They included Prime Minister Marape, Public Service Minister Wesley Nukundj and Deputy Secretary Policy & Reforms of the Department of Personnel Management, William Hapipai.

PM urges IRC to step up

Companies who evade tax have been warned that strict penalties will be applied going forward.

Prime Minister James Marape, while on a visit to the Internal Revenue Commission Office with Treasurer Sam Basil, warned big companies who have been evading tax that their time is up, and they must own up as forensic audit will be conducted.

Aus asked to cancel Paladin contract

Marape said the process has begun and is expected to take several weeks.

He made the official statement in Parliament following questions raised by the Opposition regarding the Paladin contract and Supreme Court orders pertaining to the closure of the Regional Processing Centre.

I will resign if implicated: PM

Marape made this statement in Parliament when responding to questions raised yesterday.

He said the inquiry will begin soon and those implicated must face the full force of justice.

PM Marape went on and urged the Ombudsman Commission to go beyond their investigation and hold those implicated accountable.

“I am not fearful of this inquiry. If I am found to have conducted improperly when the inquiry is terminated, I will be the first one to resign from this office, Mr Speaker,” he said.

CoI into controversial UBS loan

Prime Minister James Marape announced this in Parliament on June 26th while giving his statement on the Ombudsman Commission Report.

Marape stated that a full Commission of Inquiry will be conducted into the alleged improper borrowing of A$1.239 billion from the UBS and those implicated will be dealt with accordingly.