Port Moresby Women’s Softball Association

Women’s softball association joins AIDS campaign

The fundraiser, which will run for two weeks, is to raise funds that will assist the National AIDS Council Secretariat’s mission to supply all citizens with information about AIDS.

According to the mechanics of the campaign, each of the 10 women’s clubs currently participating in the Port Moresby Women’s Softball Association will be supplied a one metre long red laplap to fill with money.

32 teams to participate in slow pitch comp

The Port Moresby Women’s Softball Association says 32 teams have been pooled into 4 pools.

The 7 weekends of corporate softball is expected to start on June 9th, with three extra weekends to be dedicated to playoffs and finals.

Training grounds at the softball precinct at Boroko have not yet been confirmed due to ground maintenance, hence the association has gone ahead and confirmed a training spot at the Sir Guise Stadium right in front of the Indoor Complex.

Women’s softball in full swing

In the B grade match played on Saturday, Yokomo sent out an early warning, thrashing Wantok 19 points to 5.

The wash out game lasted 5 innings, bringing into full swing the 2017/2018 softball season.

Yokomo will be out to defend their title in the Pom women’s softball competition this weekend.

(2017 Yokomo B grade women – Picture: Aileen Asi)

​Introducing…Carols on the Diamond!

Why not experience for the first time ever, the Port Moresby Women’s Softball Association ‘Carols on the Diamond’?

The inaugural event will be held at the Bisini Softball Precinct, diamond 1, today (Dec 17) at 6pm.

Publicity officer Sophie Malaibe told Loop PNG: “Since softball is a family sport, the association is using the concept to bring families together.”

Apart from that, the association is hoping to secure its future with revenue from the event.

POM women’s softball starts this Saturday

President, Jenny Paak, said pre-season games ended last weekend with the finals of the Nancy Kamara Cup.

Bears Softball Club took out the first prize of K4,000.

Stingerz finished off second, winning K3,000 followed by United Sisters snatching K2,000. Fourth-placed Wantoks picked up K1, 000.

The 5 other clubs; Chebu, Gazelle, Mariners, Yokomo and New Comers Saints, each received K250.

The draws for this Saturday:

Softball teams to travel next week for club championships

They should arrive before the National Softball Club Championships commences next Thursday, September 14.

The top 4 women’s teams participating are AB Bears, Stingers, United Sisters and Wantoks. The event runs throughout the Independence weekend and ends on Sunday, September 18.

Meanwhile, the Port Moresby Women’s Softball Association publicity officer, Sophie Malaibe, says this 2016/17 season will commence with the first delegates’ meet on Monday, October 3, at 5.30pm.

United Sisters dominate competition

In the A division games last weekend, U/Sisters belted Gazelle 11-1 as Gazelle defeats Stingerz 10-1, Bears thrashed Yokomo 11-1 and Wantoks bashed Wolves 9-4. Bears tied scores with Chebu 5-5.

In the B divisions, the defending champions U/Sisters pulled off an easy win over Gazelle 20-1 as Stingerz defeat Gazelle in a 1 point victory, 8-7. Mariners leveled with United Sisters at 4-4 and Yokomo defeat Bears 13-2. Bears defeat Chebu 11-8 and Wolves defeat Wantoks 10-8.