It's time to rethink how we treat child sex offenders

But having spoken to several over the years, I now can.

Some readers may find the concepts in this article confronting.

Many were damaged as children, and while that is no excuse, healing that damage may be the most effective way to prevent the sexual abuse of children.

You might find this approach scandalous, or think that I'm supportive or lenient or condoning the abuse of children. I am not.

I am not an apologist for anyone who hurts, or even thinks about hurting, a child.

Men's sexist attitudes 'shaped by first exposure to pornography'

Their survey revealed the younger the first viewing occurred, the more likely a male was to want power over women.

While if they were older, they were more likely to be sexually promiscuous.

Of the 330 undergraduates surveyed, with a median age of 20, the average age they first saw pornography was 13.

The youngest was only five, while the oldest was 26.

The unpublished findings were presented at a convention in Washington.

Playboy lifestyle

'I had no idea Instagram had porn': Keeping kids safe on social media

But for Sydney-based online safety expert Leonie Smith, it was business as usual.

"I've seen more porn, more drug paraphernalia, more violence, more sick behaviour on Instagram than any other app," Ms Smith said of the platform, which the Royal Society for Public Health report found was more likely to leave users feeling anxious, depressed and lonely than Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or YouTube.

"It was like rape": Women in Japan tricked into pornography

Conmen promising fortune and fame trick young women into signing modelling contracts, then later threaten them if they do not do what they ask.

Kurumin Aroma, 27, was one of them.

She dreamt of one day becoming a TV star or a musician.

When she was approached on the streets of Tokyo by a man who offered to give her a start in modelling, she thought she would take a chance.

Couple arrested over porn production

They are expected to appear at the Lorengau District Court on Tuesday to answer to their charges.

The 36-year-old woman from Pere village was arrested by police on Jan 26 while the man, also 36, from Jekal village, was arrested on Jan 27.

Both were charged for producing pornographic pictures and movies at the harbour side hotel.

They were later released on K500 bail each.

Police alleged that the couple, between the months of September and October 2016, booked a room at the hotel where they were involved in the production of pornography.

Lae police boss seeks help on FB porn page issue

Lae metropolitan police Commander Anthony Wagambie Junior says in a recent case, a woman had her Facebook profile posted in a group with the administrator of the group alleging that there was some indecent material linked to the victim.

The wrongly identified woman was then sent an inbox message by the page administrator and told to pay some money or risk having her photographs posted on the FB page.

Fortunately, the woman brought the matter to police and had it registered.

Man and woman jailed in Kerema porn crackdown

Gulf Police Commander Lincon Gerari says that the two were part of a group arrested and charged for producing porn materials last week.

The duo were sentenced on Friday afternoon while the case involving two other females, one of whom is a 15 year old, has been adjourned to the 5th of next month.

The other woman wanted in the porn case has yet to appear in court.

Meantime, commander  Gerari says that this case is the tip of the ice-berg as he says that it is an indication of a breakdown in moral ethics in the town area.