Over 80pc mining activities cover PNG

This is expected to further enhance and strengthen Papua New Guinea’s position as one of the top twenty gold and copper producing countries in the world.

“The country is rich in minerals. It ranks in the top 20 world gold and copper producers and also produces silver, nickel and cobalt,” the report said.

“Mining in PNG dates back to 1888, with the modern mining industry developing in the mid-1960s.

“During the reporting period, eight mines were operating in Papua New Guinea, distributed over a number of provinces,”

Revenue from mining not sufficient to support Government

The productions of these two mining companies were closed in 2015 due to the nationwide drought.

With their recommencement and a recovery in agriculture production and export, following the end of the El Nino drought, as well as increased production at Lihir and Ramu mines, the revenue is slowly increasing.

This, together with lower imports, resulted in the balance of payments recording an overall surplus in 2016, from the deficit in 2015.

Locals thank miner for job ready program

Initiated in 2016, BNL’s ‘Job Ready Program (JRP),’ has successfully passed 120 Porgera locals who completed four weeks of basic skills training.

The training has resulted in 72 locals securing permanent employment within the Porgera joint Venture.

 The remaining are either on temporary roles or undergoing some form of further training respective to the job placement requirements.

Amanda Larap, from Yarik village which is located in the Special Mine Lease (SML) area is now undergoing training to be a fitter machinist with the Maintenance Training section.

Public servants commend miner for renovations

Ruben Tongole, the community development officer with the Porgera District Administration said this following the completion of renovation works on his home last month by PJV.

A 20 year career public servant, Ruben received keys to his ‘new look’ home on February 16 at Paiam in the presence of Deputy District Administrator, Epenes Nakipane, and local contractor representatives.

Surprising to see MPs pretending, says Polye

“I see it as a betrayal of the next generation,” Polye told a huge crowd in Porgera, Enga Province, during a recent visit.

He claims that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his government have created many problems for the country, which he can’t solve during his term in office.

Polye says a strong commitment to rule of law and justice saves and secures the nation and her people, not just the police, warders and defence force.

Porgera women complete business training

Women representatives from the Porgera District Women’s Association (PDWA), Red Wara Women’s Association and the Porgera Urban Women’s Group took part in the training.

The training was facilitated by Barrick (Niugini) Limited (BNL) Community Development Section- Economic Programmes.

The training was delivered by BSPs consultant trainers Fred Tieng and Satsi Zisomein from the Community Affairs and Business Management Services (CAABMS) – a company specialising in community consultation and development, business development and providing skills building training.

Porgera women get leadership training

The training was facilitated by Barrick (Niugini) Limited.

Barrick Community Development Section- Economic Programs initiated the training for 17 women representatives from the Porgera District Women’s Association (PDWA), Red Wara Women’s Association and the Porgera Urban Women’s Group.

The Leadership and Management training was delivered from May 9-11 this year in Porgera.

The training was coordinated by the Bank South Pacific (BSP) under its community outreach program and aimed at building the capacity of executives to empower their groups.

Ipatas on Porgera peace mission

The district houses the Porgera mine and is a lawless area.  

Three years ago, the National Government declared a State of Emergency because of tribal fights and illegal mine entries by locals and settlers.    

Yesterday saw Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas leading his officers from Wabag to broker a peace deal, known as kairik peace ceremony.

The occasion was witnessed by local MP Nixon Mangape (Lagaip-Porgera MP), Greg Walker (PJV general manager) and local and provincial leaders.

The peace initiative was supported by police and court officers.