Porgera gold mine

BNL clarifies unauthorised advertising for Porgera contracts

BNL, in a press statement, has clarified that these advertisements have not been authorized or approved by the company. BNL stated it is the only party responsible for sourcing and awarding goods and services contracts for the Porgera Gold Mine and strictly adheres to Barrick's global Procurement Standards and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

BNL stated that the restart of the Porgera Gold Mine is subject to certain conditions and as such, has not yet advertised or requested expressions of interest for long-term contracts.

Porgera to reopen soon: PM

He said the Government did not have everyday control over IRC’s work IRC had made assessments and had been in conflict with Barrick over their assessment criteria.

“Barrick has asked some fundamental questions, especially on the IRC’s definition of ‘taxable stripping’, in as far as resource harvest is concerned,” Marape said.

“Barrick is of the view that the current ‘taxable stripping’ definition is not consistent with practice and law, hence the prolonged dispute, so we had to intervene.

Porgera On The Road To Restart

Prime Minister James Marape said it was a “milestone achievement” towards reopening of the Porgera mine, which has been closed since 2019.

Porgera Mine is currently into its third year of Care & Maintenance and restart plans is forthcoming, with the full execution of the Shareholders Agreement by Mineral Resource deal sealed.

Enga Govt Backs New Porgera Deal

He said the Marape-led Government is bold and decisive in negotiating a new deal for the country and is proud to say that Enga Province has supported those efforts. 

Sir Ipatas made this statement after the Enga Provincial Executive Council (PEC) met over the weekend to endorse the new project framework proposed for the mine.    

PNG to get 51% in new Porgera Deal

The State of Papua New Guinea and Barrick Niugini Limited today formally signed the Framework Agreement at Government House paving the way for a new partnership with BNL.

Under the framework agreement the ownership of the Porgera Gold Mine will be held in a new Joint Venture company with PNG to hold a 51% stake and BNL with 49%.

The Framework Agreement also sets the foundation for operations arrangements, and benefit split

Under the new deal BNL will finance the start-up of the mine and remain the operator.

Reduced Power Supply to Porgera Communities

Effective Friday 17 July, electrical power to Porgera communities will only be supplied between the hours of 6:00 pm to 6:00 am daily, until further notice.

BNL recognises this is a significant inconvenience to all community members, but regrettably the Company has no other option than to continue to reduce costs in light of the Government decision not to extend the Porgera Special Mining Lease, which forced the suspension of operations, and the consequent loss of operating revenue for the Company.

Resource law changes after 2025

Prime Minister James Marape says this assurance has been made to stakeholders in the mining and petroleum sectors.

The Prime Ministers revealed this when announcing the non-renewal of the Porgera Gold Mine Special Mining Lease.

Marape said the announcement of the non-renewal of the SML should not scare investors and stakeholders in the mining and petroleum sectors.  

Non-renewal to have major impacts: PLOA

PLOA Negotiation Team Chairman, Maso Mangape, says the decision announced by the Prime Minister, James Marape, was made on ill advise.

Mangape, told this newsroom that the announcement came as a surprise to the landowners, claiming several letters to the Government to discuss the future of the mine were not acknowledged.

Mangape said the uncertainty clouding the future of the mine has heightened after Barricks announcement to temporarily suspend operations.

Possible Supplementary Budget in June

Prime Minister, James Marape, said this recently in response to the massive drop in oil prices.

The drop-in oil will affect revenue sales from oil and LNG, major export commodities for PNG.

Prime Minister James Marape said they will be in a better place in June to see by how much PNG’s revenue has gone off track.

In the meantime, the Government will implement its current budget plan.

BNL challenges non-extension of Special Mining Lease

The Government’s decision was tantamount to nationalisation without due process and in violation of the Government’s legal obligations to BNL,” said the operator in a statement.

BNL said it remained willing to discuss the issue with Prime Minister James Marape and his Government in the hope of averting what it described as a catastrophic situation for the communities at Porgera and in Enga, and for the country as a whole.