Porgera - Enga Province

Maipakai slams Engan leaders for lack of support

Maipakai criticised them for not supporting Polye when he tried to form the government twice; the first was during the vote of no-confidence in July and the second was after the last election.

“Despite our age difference, I am loyal to him because he is honest, transparent and a highly qualified leader,” Maipakai told a huge crowd at Porgera, in Enga, last Saturday.

Porgera Development Authority closure looming, reveals CEO

“Even though the Porgera Gold Mine contributes 30 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product, the National Government still owes PDA more than K100 million in royalties.

“If Governor Peter Ipatas does not come to our aid in the next three months, we will wind down our operations,” Miukin told a huge crowd last Saturday in Porgera, Enga Province.

He warns that there will be no future in mining if they shut down their operations.