Popondetta accident

Juffa to visit relatives of Oro victims

Juffa arrived in the province this morning with a huge crowd to welcome him.

Despite an important parliament session in progress, Juffa  decided to put his people first.

The nine Local Level Government leaders in the province have also gathered and will be accompanying the Governor to the place of mourning.

His visit is to show the people of Oro that their provincial government is intact and will be always there for them.

A total of 13 people died during the road accident  which happened two weeks ago.

Mass burial for Oro accident victims set

Popondetta General Hospital CEO Dr Gunzee Gawin has confirmed that all post mortems were completed on the weekend.

He said of the 16 hospitalised, the first four were discharged last Thursday while another two were discharged on Friday.

Dr Gawin added that only 10 remain in the ward and in a very stable condition.

The post mortem was done by  Senior Forensic Pathologist Dr Philip Golpak and assisted by Dr Josephine Chanoan from Port Moresby.

The doctors returned to Port Moresby yesterday.

Popondetta town comes to a standstill

Ijivitari MP David Arore told Loop PNG other group of people from Kokoda are still making their way to town also to look for answers on the incident.

He said main shops and other business activities in town are currently close as hundreds of people converge to the Popondetta General Hospital seeking for answers.

He said Sohe MP Delilah Gore and himself will be talking to the people at the Police station regarding the incident.

Of the 29 passengers on the PMV truck, 13 were confirmed dead while 16 are currently admitted at the Popondetta General Hospital.