Pomio District Development Authority

Much-needed funding for Pomio school

The institution was in dire need of financial support to improve its students’ lodging facilities.

When presenting the cheque to the Seventh Day Adventist agency school – Kambubu secondary, chairman of the Pomio DDA Board and Pomio MP, Elias Kapavore, assured that as long as the school is in consultation with the host Sinivit LLG Administration and the DDA, more support will be given through this new partnership.

Vehicle for rural ENB health facility

Hence conditions have to be made conducive to attract more medical doctors to work in rural communities in the districts.

With this in mind, the Pomio District Development Authority board, through its chairman and Pomio MP, Elias Kapavore, purchased and presented a support vehicle on January 8th to one of the district’s two doctors who will be stationed at the Warangoi rural hospital in the Sinivit LLG.