MNE voters frustrated

Representatives of the estate said they are fed up with having to explain to their employers of the incompetence delivered for North East Polls. 

Garima Tongia, Founding Chairman of the Skyview Estate, said that if it is deferred to Monday 11th, they will not allow any polling teams to set up in that area.

Names Missing In Rigo Polling

Sitting Member for Rigo Open, Lekwa Gure and his wife are among those who were able to vote. Both opened the polling both by being first to cast their votes.
At Kemabolo Village, polling began at 10am. 
Polling Officer Bernard Tau said the locality has 800 eligible voters however 189 names have been displaced. 
Tau said while polling continues uninterrupted, the update of the common roll and electoral books is the main issue.
Jerome Lei, Ward Councillor for Gabone Village shared similar sentiments. 

Over 1000 Security Personnel Head Into Enga

Polling for the Enga Province started today, July 7.

Commissioner Manning who is in the Highlands overseeing the election security operations said, “The security operation focus has been in the highlands provinces based on the past experiences and intelligence reports but so far Hela has been reported relatively quiet with few isolated incidents which have been managed.

Enga Goes To Polls

People in the Wabag electorate led a protest in Wabag town demanding the deferral of polling for the Wabag District to today.

The Royal PNG Constabulary in a statement said more details will be revealed soon as to the reasons for their demand. Security personnel and electoral officials are currently talking to the protesters.

More than 1500 members of the Joint Security Task Force are now in the Enga Province to provide security for the polling, which began today for the six open seats and one regional seat.

Many Madang Voters Miss Out

They both raised concern that many eligible voters had not voted because their names were not on the electoral roll.

They said the people had the right to vote because they had been living in the area for more than six months to one year, and they needed to elect a leader of their choice.

Madang started well when polling began on Monday, the only disturbances at polling sites were disgruntled locals who did not have their names on the electoral roll.

Peaceful Voting In Bereina

She made sure polling was conducted smoothly at Bereina station in Kairuku District, Central Province this morning. 

According to voter Nicholas Aitsi, villagers along the coast of Kairuku LLG have voted peacefully. More than 90 villages and communities have gone through polling however, only some minor hiccups. 

Meantime, locals raised concerns that the electoral roll was not updated with many names missing. 

Hela praised for successful polling

In a media sanctioned conference held at the Tari Police Station on Tuesday 5th July, Mr Manning commented that he was satisfied with the outcome of the polling in the province.

Women’s Efforts Wasted

Women from Vabukori had to wake up as early as 5am to prepare meals for its 1000 plus eligible voters. The mothers said it was wasted effort, the meals were prepared on time for voters only to find out polling was deferred. 

A public servant residing at Vabukori, Granette Ontimo said she had to leave work only to sit around and wait for nothing. 
Coordinator for sitting member, Justin Tkatchenko in the village, Kwari Daure said there were rumours in the community that scrutineers and candidates were responsible for tampering with polling schedule.

Frustrated Voters Storm Kerema EC Office

Presiding officer for Kerema Urban, Jerry Hape suspended polling for wards 3, 4 and 5 today and told the voters to go check out their names at the Electoral Office.

Provincial Electoral Manager, Poevare Tore made an announcement to the Kerema public this morning to check the Electoral Roll before they argue with the polling team. 

Tore said, “We had officers sent around to register your household four months ago and it shouldn't be a problem to raise during the polling period.”

Marape Votes, Thanks PNG

“I want to officially relay my appreciation to our people right across the country for their good turnout during the campaign period. 

Marape said generally, the campaign period concluded on a ‘good note.’ Acknowledging a few incidents that took place around the country however stating “there were no substantial incidents” in Hela Province. 

“Up until the moment I left Tari today (July 4), nomination, campaign and polling went smoothly in general sense for Hela Province.”