Polling materials

Moresby North-East polling kits distributed

Voters have been gathering as early as 6am with three stations set up at the park.

Media personnel, along with observers, officials and police officers, can also be seen milling around the stations.

Voters are also being observed going over the official candidate line-up, given out as part of the polling kits being distributed to the teams.

Unfortunately, the Electoral Commission just announced that polling for NCD has been deferred to June 30.

All polling materials delivered!

“All sensitive election materials are now in the provinces and being sorted out for distribution to each electorate, LLG and ward in preparation for polling,” says Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato.  

These include ballot papers, candidate posters, polling schedules, CUG mobile phones for polling teams, indelible inks and electoral rolls.

Non-sensitive election materials such as polling kits, voting compartments, seals and stationery were sent via shipping to all provinces earlier.