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Border security operations to be launched

​Border Security Operations will be launched today (June 2) in Wewak, East Sepik Province.



PNGID commends PNGSTC board

Woman wanted for ‘private part’ killing

A man from the Highlands region was found stabbed to death at Gordon’s in the early hours of Monday morning. His wounds were mostly around his genital area.

Police say a Central Province woman, who was reported to be with the man earlier in the evening, is now wanted by police for questioning.

NCD police boss Ben Turi says initial reports say the woman was spotted fleeing the scene during the early hours of Sunday morning.

Turi is appealing to members of the community around the Geita place area, Henao Drive, to come forward with any information into the incident.

NCD Police operations progressing: Turi

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, said a planning team had just put together a detailed tasking of the roles of each and every police officer in the city.

No issues between forces: Baki

Baki who is also the JSTF Commander said this in relations to questions on the history of clashes between the police and military and how this could have an impact under the JSTF.

“I do not think this similar kind of behaviour will be projected in this kind of arrangements. I don’t for one minute want for people to think that yeah you get them out and this is how they behave. No they won’t,” Baki said.

​No convoying in the city: Police

This is causing traffic jams for other road users in the city.

Traffic police have warned against the overloading of passenger vehicles and trucks going around in the city and candidates should not entertain this behaviour.

Police will be out and about to make sure those road users, especially supporters of candidates, do not overload and follow traffic rules in the Capital.

Elections operations for police have started way before the issuing of writs and will be continuing throughout the campaign and polling period.

Beware of carjackers!

This comes after a number of recent attempts of carjacking and holdup in the suburbs.

Gerehu police station commander, Robert Kurei, said the number of hold ups and carjacking has increased during this election period.

Most of these incidents happen when families are trying to drive into their residence or driving out.

“These men are doing this right at our doorsteps now and we urge residents to take a little more extra care during this time.”

Criminals are using the opportunity to their advantage when a lot is happening during the election period.

Random road checks in place for motorists in NCD

This is for the nomination and campaign period up until the polling and counting in the capital.

So far, operations have been running smoothly.

Intending candidates are also urged by police to operate in an honest and respectful manner also includes the public to be heedful of their actions during this time.

All operations are in full swing with road blocks and patrols already in motion with a week of nomination and the next eight weeks of campaigning also already underway.

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Nomination of candidates slow in capital


Nominations are slowly coming in for intending candidates who will be contesting the Moresby North West seat, which is currently occupied by Michael Malabag.

Police operations on full alert

Police operations on full alert

During Friday's nominations, the road blocks were set up in a way where vehicles moved in a one way in and one way out manner.

Officers on duty said so far, no major faults or incident in relations to the nominations have occurred.

Police are only controlling traffic at the main market area so supporters share a common a ground to campaign and support their candidates.

Central buai sellers fight off Highlanders

On Monday a fight broke out at Agevairua between a PMV truck from Mekeo and buai buyers who tried to forcefully board the PMV and take out buai bags.

Central police commander Laimo Asi says the Highlanders wanted to force the locals to sell their buai at a discounted price rather than go to the market and sell.

However, the villagers outnumbered the sellers and fought them off.

Police was fast to respond and managed to calm the situation before things got out of hand.