Stop N Shop robbed, suspect apprehended

Police in Gerehu caught the suspect along the Baruni road after the incident at around midday today.

Inspector Mark Mosinakave, who was at the scene, said four suspects robbed the supermarket and escaped in a stolen vehicle, which belonged to Justice Lawrence Kangwia.

Insp Mosinakave said the suspects stabbed Justice Kangwia in the shop, removed his keys from him and drove towards the Baruni road.

Bawa has personal grudge against me: Turi

Commander Ben Turi claims his predecessor has a personal grudge against him, hence his call for Turi to be sidelined.

This follows allegations made by Bawa and other candidates, including Steven Kilage, who alleged that Turi was aware of an assault on them and their supporters but did nothing about it.

However, Turi said these allegations are just hearsay – what he did is only be in command of law enforcers who, by all means, will carry out and continue enforcing the law.

Rita Flynn gunshots alarm residents

The incident happened sometime around 11.30pm.

However, NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, says there is no need for distress.

“We were firing to disperse the crowd,” he tells Loop PNG.

“People were gathering around the area; it was overcrowded. We had to chase everyone away.”

This happened after NCD’s one-day polling. As electoral officials and security personnel packed up and transported the materials to the complex, vehicles loaded with people also followed suit.

Police had no choice but to resort to that tactic.

NCD polls: Residents assured of their safety

Metropolitan superintendent Ben Turi says police presence will be beefed up, especially near the largest settlements in the city like Morata, Wildlife area, Eight-Mile and Nine-Mile. Roadblocks should also be expected at every entry point of the three electorates.

“The three zone commanders will make sure that there is no overcrowding at the polling booths. You only stand in a queue to vote,” says Turi.

Police: Ballot papers burnt to prevent tampering

These boxes belonged to the Awi-Pori LLG, in the Koroba-Lake Kopiago District, and another LLG from Tari-Pori District.

Provincial Police Commander Michael Welly told TVWan news that the ballot papers for the LLG in Tari-Pori were mistakenly placed in the ballot boxes belonging to Awi-Pori LLG.

PPC Welly says this led to the boxes being destroyed in Tari town to avoid any tampering.

PPC: Take ownership of election

Yapu said people should be allowed to exercise their democratic rights to cast their votes without undue influence, threat or fear.

He is asking for the continuous support and corporation from the people in ensuring a free, fair and safe election is conducted in the province without any disruption.

He said the campaign period which ends today has been quiet and peaceful so far and wants this to continue into polling and counting.

About 1,500 security personnel for nation’s capital

During that time, normal police patrols, shifts and duties will also be carried out.

“All commanders, support units were given their tasks, detailed right down to the polling stations,” says NCD metropolitan superintendent, Ben Turi.

“The ops order is made in such a way that all operations run parallel to each other. It doesn’t affect anything.”

In terms of emergencies like robberies or car thefts, detectives will attend to them.

“We are prepared and ready,” says the police boss.

Journalist threatened over election coverage

Journalist in-charge of NBC Manus, Reilly Kanamon, was threatened on Monday afternoon outside his office over alleged rumours of seven ballot boxes being smuggled into the province.

Kanamon was confronted by two supporters of a candidate in the province and threatened to break open the NBC Manus office and beat all the staff.

This comes after speculations and rumours went viral on social media regarding the ballot papers.

However, Manus Police and Election officials ruled out those Facebook rumours on Monday.

Ballot papers arrive in Manus

Manus Police Provincial Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said two small Australian Air Force aircraft arrived in Manus on Saturday with the ballot papers.

The ballot papers were received by Electoral Commission staff with heavy security escort from the Joint Security Forces at Momote.

The ballot papers are locked up in the storage container at the Police Station and PPC Yapu said tight security will be provided until June 23, where they will be moved to the respective polling venues.

Shopping mall maintains high security alert

There is a possibility that one of those people, may be someone on the run or wanted by law.

There's also a slight chance of a missing person or vehicle entering the vicinity.

Vision City Management has raised its hand to help the police with such cases.

The parties have initiated a move to fully utilize the mega mall's upgraded security system in place to identify people or specific information needed by the police.