Police: 8 children rushed to hospital during concert

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Ben Turi, told Loop PNG that the children suffered injuries as well as experienced breathing difficulties as the stadium was overcrowded.

Furthermore, there were reports of children being trampled as well as muggings at the stadium.

“Police were outnumbered as more than 15,000 people had turned up for the event.

“It was overcrowded, dangerous and disorganised,” says Turi. “Outside as well as the inside of the stadium was packed.

“Drunkards, thugs, all sorts of characters went in. It was very primitive.”

Timber pierced SHP man’s head: Police

Police in Manus have arrested 2 suspects for unlawfully wounding the Erave man at upper ward 6, Lorengau town.

PPC Manus, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the suspects were drunk and approached the victim at his house where they hit him on his head with a piece of timber.

The victim was rushed to the hospital, where the embedded object was removed.

“Otherwise, he could have died had the timber penetrated his skull,” said PPC Yapu.

State liable to pay victim of police brutality

Jeff Joe Lome filed a Human rights case in 2011 against Katu Sele, the Commissioner of Police and the state after he was assaulted by police outside the club on 24 June 2010.

The incident occurred between 1:30 and 2am.

Lome claims he fell unconscious as a result of the assault, and was taken to a private clinic for treatment.

He sustained fractures to his wrist, cuts to his nose, eyes, and lost two teeth from the assault. This was supported by medical reports.

ENB shootout leaves one dead

The deceased (identified), from Kabakaul, Kokopo, was allegedly part of a 5-man group that robbed a mobile phone shop on Saturday, according to provincial police commander Joseph Tabali.

“Five armed suspects held up a taxi driver and directed him to the Zero Mobile Shop, where one of them stayed with him while the other four went inside,” PPC Tabali tells Loop PNG.

While the customers were ordered to lie flat on the floor, the men held up the shop owner and gathered all mobile phones, tablets and battery chargers into a bag, then tried to escape.

Quiet Pom weekend: Police

Police report that there have been no major incidents; only minor complaints of noise pollution and drunk behaviour.

General observations by Loop PNG around the city noted that traffic was clear at all major traffic hot spots.

Meanwhile, daily occurrences of weekend brawls at the famous Six-Mile buai market was taken care of and brought under control by police patrol units.

Drivers are still urged to follow and abide by traffic rules whilst moving around the city.

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Gamato approved a dead man’s signature

The PNG Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, has accepted an Election Writ signed by a deceased returning officer.



Gamato comes clear on using deceased’s name

Police forcefully remove road block

Police had to use force and remove logs and drums from the road block.

It is understood that the road block was set up because of Government's reluctance to meet a compensation demand.

Waima village Chief Arthur Perua said their demand have not been met for three years now.

They demanded for K20 million after a police vehicle ran over an old woman in the village.

Perua, who is the deceased women’s brother said the government only paid them K20,000.


More updates to come.

Moresby North East A.R.O arrested for impersonation

Moresby North East Returning Officer, Thomas Rango confirmed the arrest of his ARO Edward Peter which prompted a brief suspension of counting

Rango however assured supporters, scrutineers and the general public that counting progressed well and will commence again following today’s 64th count.

Moresby North East electorate counting will resume at 8am tomorrow, Monday 17th July.

Meantime, Rango says that the Peter was taken into police custody for wearing a police issued coat at the counting venue.

ENB Police to monitor counting venues

A total of 290 Security personal, including the Rapid Response Unit will be assisting to provide security at the five counting venues.

EÑB Provincial Police Commander, Joseph TABALI, says his security officers are ready and set to ensure counting runs well without any major security concerns.

He further added that a total of four arrests have been made in relation to the election during the polling period in the province.

Tabali has assured police presence to be at the counting venues for the open and regional seats.

​Judge wounded during robbery

Justice Lawrence Kangwia, who was at Stop N Shop Rainbow at around midday today, was stabbed by armed robbers, who stole his keys and escaped in his vehicle, with cash from the supermarket’s cashier.

According to Inspector Mark Mosinakave, Justice Kangwia, who is Kavieng’s resident judge, was reaching for his key in his pocket when he was stabbed.

Insp Mosinakave said the suspects then fled in his vehicle in the direction of Baruni road.

However, they were forced to abandon the vehicle after the engine seized along the road towards the Telikom station.