Infamous ‘white house’ raided

Led by the NCD Superintendent Operations, Commander Michael Tilae, more than 50 cartons of assorted alcohol were confiscated.

Tilae told this newsroom that the raid was conducted in accordance with the breach of liquor sales regulations and also the Easter period liquor ban.

The ‘white house’ is a popular hangout for alcohol consumers and/or an afterparty spot for party goers in Port Moresby.

“There were people still in the premises when my team conducted the raid this morning at 7am,” Tilae said.

Investigation into former Lands officer’s killing underway

Police say the man, who was identified as one Daniel Katakumb from East Sepik Province, was shot by criminals during a carjacking outside the family residence at Henao Drive.

In a grey Mark-2, the criminals followed the man and his family, who were traveling home in a double cab vehicle.

They then ambushed the family, where three shots were fired.

According to police, the deceased had one visible bullet wound just below his waist.

An investigation has already started while leads are yet to be established.

Police show support during Walk

Loop PNG observed the men and women in blue holding off traffic and providing escort to the front and the rear of the procession.

The Superintendent of operations, Michael Tilae, says this is part of the normal police operations for the city during the Easter season.

The police were out since 3am along the Cross route and helping to hold off traffic as well.

K97, 000 for permanent eye injury

The National Court today ordered the state to pay K97, 272 to Eastern Highlands man Wallan Awaparu after he was injured four years ago at 2 mile hill.

The resident of 2 mile hill settlement suffered permanent loss of vision to his left eye, after he was shot on the morning of 15 March 2014.

He woke up that day to an ethnic clash between Engans and Goilala people and went to investigate the commotion outside his house.

Police arrived in vehicles and fired shots at bystanders. He was shot in the commotion and taken to the Port Moresby General hospital.

Cops allowed K1000 bail

Chris Wasa, Samuel Ambo, Joshua Pujo, Jack Aino, David Moses, Henry Miri, Asi Rody and Oroha Aroma were allowed bail on Tuesday.

The seven were on official duty, investigating a break and enter incident at Waigani on February 3, when they apprehended the suspect, now deceased, whose death is the subject of the offense they are alleged to have committed.

The 40 year old was apprehended at the Kone Tigers oval the same day between 4-5pm.

Possible armed robbery stopped by police

On March 9, a Sector Response Unit was on routine patrol through West Taraka , when they stopped a suspicious looking person and upon searching him, police found his bag filled with homemade guns.

The man was immediately apprehended by the SRU 103 members, taken to Lae Central Police Station and further interrogated.

It’s been revealed by the suspect that he was moving firearms and was to be picked up by another group in a vehicle which was described by the suspect.

The described vehicle was arranged by a person working for a company.

Steady crime rate in NCD: Police

“The crime rate has been steady,” says NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou.

Last week’s statistics saw five cases of break and enter, six cases of stolen motor vehicles, one case of armed robbery, two reported cases of fraud, one reported case of homicide and one reported case of sexual offence.

“The crime statistics indicate a steady rate in the criminal activities, which are currently being dealt with by the police officers.”

Baki disappointed with drunken personnel

Speaking to this newsroom on Monday, Gari Baki said instructions have been issued to have the 37 pass outs locked up at the Gordon Police Station for charges to be laid.

The personnel were detained on March 17 at the police college after they were caught engaging in drunken initiation-like behaviour.

“I’ve also issued instructions that I want them to be suspended and they will be charged and disciplined. That’s the normal disciplinary process.”

No one is above the law

This comes after the arrest of seven officers and an additional two who were arrested over the weekend.

The seven police personnel are now being processed for criminal negligence in a murder case that occurred three weeks ago while the other two have been arrested and charged.

One of the officers was arrested by the internal affairs unit for illegally using an impounded vehicle for two days while the other was arrested for assault in public.

Police officers arrested for criminal negligence

Police reported that the personnel had brought in a wounded suspect from Goilala, Central Province, who later died of loss of blood when he was rushed to the hospital.

The men will be appearing in court for mention tomorrow.

The officers were all attached with the Saraga police station at Six-Mile.

They have already been arrested and will go through administration procedures for further actions to be taken.