Shop robbed off K20,000

The shop is located near Lae’s main market area.

According to Lae Police, the men walked into the shop, held up the workers and took away K20,000 cash before escaping in the company van.

The vehicle was abandoned at Papuan Compound.

Lae’s Metropolitan Command’s Sector Response Unit and the CID followed up and apprehended one of the suspects.

He then led them to another suspect who had in his possession a factory made six-round pistol.

More arrests are expected soon.

Lae City Council members arrested

Investigators have found credible evidence to charge certain employees of the Lae City Council. 

Of the four, three are cashiers and one is an accountant. 

The charges laid are:

1.   A male cashier has been charged one count each on misappropriation, abuse of office and false pretence for the amount of K11,897.44.

2.  A male cashier has been charged one count of misappropriation and stealing for an amount of K20,029.62.

Unabated sexual crimes in NCD: Police

For last week alone, eight incidents were reported to the NCD metropolitan superintendent’s office.

During today’s weekly police briefing, Commander Perou N’Dranou said they received 3 reports of sexual penetration, 3 of child rape and 2 of sexual assault.

Other reports that came in from May 20th-26th include:

  • 6 reports of stolen motor vehicles
  • Fraud (6)
  • Break-and-enter (1)
  • Armed robbery (2)

“Basically, the crime rate has been steady,” said the met supt.

EHP Governor raises concern on police transfer

He said PSC Peter Yaware has been doing a fine job at Kainantu and the province as a whole and his transfer is suspicious.

Governor Numu said Mr Yaware has been in the forefront of investigating a huge corruption surrounding the payment of K7.5m paid to Konka Coffee Development Agency by the National Planning.

He said the payment had been done in 2012 for coffee rehabilitation in Kainantu but nothing to show for on how the funds are being used.

Police presence gradually returns to HB

The Police Superintendent of Operations, Michael Tilae, says while they have yet to officially meet with the community members, his units are now responding to calls from Port Moresby’s big village.

Since 2015, there has been a police ban going into the village following the HB shooting incidents which led to a stand-off with police in the area.

In a meeting with the NCD Metropolitan command, leaders have over the last two months began dialogue to get police presence back into the village.

NCD police go back to basics

NCD Metropolitan police commander, Perou N’Dranou, says this is part of his efforts to go ‘back to the basics’ of policing.

The Met Supt says his command will focus on getting the basic necessities correct in terms of focusing on people support despite the lack of logistics that at times constrain their work.

The city has in the past three weeks seen an influx of more foot beats and patrols in and around the business and suburban areas.

(Picture: Boroko police out on foot beat)


Police to interview V.C Guards

The NCD Superintendent Operations, Michael Tilae, says that three of the guards that exchanged fire with the suspects will be brought in for questioning.

He says that most likely they may be charged for Unlawful discharge of fire-arms, depending on what investigations uncover.

Tilae said that the guards had injured several people in their exchange of fire with the suspects, hence police will need to establish the next course of action.

Foreigner arrested for allegedly attempting to bribe police

The suspect, namely Zhiyuan Cui, also known as Aaron, of Shandon Province, China, and managing director of A & D Consultancy Limited, allegedly offered K10,000 cash to the Officer in Charge of the Gordon’s Police Station minor crimes unit in the National Capital District, Senior Sergeant Apollos Terry.

Police alleged that the bribe was offered as an inducement for police to stop the ongoing investigation and to release confiscated documents and items back to Zhiyuan’s custody.

Wanted suspects captured in Madang

The suspects had conducted an armed robbery in a shop at Karkar Island and had fled by boat to Sarang village, located along the North Coast Road of Madang.

Talidig Police with the assistance of Lae based MS 13 apprehended three prime suspects of the eight who were armed with a factory made shotgun and home-made shotgun.

The suspects, after realising that they had nowhere to run, surrendered to a Foursquare Church pastor.

Suggested outcomes for ‘big village’

Commander Michael Tilae warned however that the villagers have two options: To either lift the ban or allow for the police to come in and carry out community policing.

Tilae says the forum they hold needs to emphasise that police will not come in light-handed.

He said that the people need to take responsibility but also note that the police will need to carry out their duties diligently.