Police to interview V.C Guards

The NCD Superintendent Operations, Michael Tilae, says that three of the guards that exchanged fire with the suspects will be brought in for questioning.

He says that most likely they may be charged for Unlawful discharge of fire-arms, depending on what investigations uncover.

Tilae said that the guards had injured several people in their exchange of fire with the suspects, hence police will need to establish the next course of action.

Foreigner arrested for allegedly attempting to bribe police

The suspect, namely Zhiyuan Cui, also known as Aaron, of Shandon Province, China, and managing director of A & D Consultancy Limited, allegedly offered K10,000 cash to the Officer in Charge of the Gordon’s Police Station minor crimes unit in the National Capital District, Senior Sergeant Apollos Terry.

Police alleged that the bribe was offered as an inducement for police to stop the ongoing investigation and to release confiscated documents and items back to Zhiyuan’s custody.

Wanted suspects captured in Madang

The suspects had conducted an armed robbery in a shop at Karkar Island and had fled by boat to Sarang village, located along the North Coast Road of Madang.

Talidig Police with the assistance of Lae based MS 13 apprehended three prime suspects of the eight who were armed with a factory made shotgun and home-made shotgun.

The suspects, after realising that they had nowhere to run, surrendered to a Foursquare Church pastor.

Suggested outcomes for ‘big village’

Commander Michael Tilae warned however that the villagers have two options: To either lift the ban or allow for the police to come in and carry out community policing.

Tilae says the forum they hold needs to emphasise that police will not come in light-handed.

He said that the people need to take responsibility but also note that the police will need to carry out their duties diligently.

Plans for new barracks

In the Western Province, land owners have come forward to allow for 2 hectors of land to be given to the police force to setup of a much needed police barracks.

The North Fly police commander, Joe Puri says that the set up pf the barracks will depend on the police department who will need to officially acquire the land and set up the barracks just on the outskirts of Kiunga.

The PPC spoke about the need for the barracks set up to help boost operations in the border province.

Leave matters to me, MP tells residents

“I will deal with the situation in finding out the cause behind the deaths of the four youth, and also to acknowledge those who were killed,” he stated.

Four youth were allegedly killed by police during the Madang unrest, which started with an April 7 confrontation at Four-Mile market.

Manus police arrest refugee over property damage

PPC Manus chief inspector David Yapu said the refugee, named Ali Reza Razmi Zirakan, aged 41, was drunk and insulted the victim and damaged their property.

The incident occurred on Saturday night (April 21) at Katen Tingou upper ward 5, Lorengau town.

The victim was offended by such abusive words referring to her private parts and reported the matter to Police, which resulted in Zirakan’s arrest.

PPC Yapu once again warned the refugees who are married to local women and living with them in the community to respect the community and abide with the laws of PNG.

Police need database system

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, stated this noting that case files are not always being properly recorded and archived.

N’Dranou said talks are already underway with some consultants to pitch ideas on the best way possible to design the system first and how much it is expected to cost.

“We are roughly looking at K3.5 to 4 million in total to have it complete and running for the police.”

This is something that the police urgently need to get all files stored away securely.

Suspect arrested in former Lands officer’s shooting

Daniel Katakumb, from East Sepik Province, was shot by criminals during a carjacking at Henao Drive.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, said while there are 4 suspects, only one has been arrested and charged with wilful murder.

The Criminal Investigation Division is still working on the case.

Meanwhile, the crime rate in the nation’s capital has seen a relentless number of reports on armed holdups and stolen motor vehicles.

Illegal roadblock, police officers to be disciplined

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, had issued a directive against the unauthorised setting up of roadblocks. However, 7 police officers from Gerehu disobeyed the directive during the Easter long weekend.

“Members of the public complained to me saying ‘police got money from us but never gave us the receipt’.

“So we went there and caught them.”

Upon questioning, N’Dranou said they found out that the officers themselves had decided to set up the roadblock.