Police warns

Stay away from political impasse, Guinness warns

He said the recent Eastern Highlands Provincial Government top post has split members within and that is unhealthy for policing in the province.

"The recent provincial administrator position saga has divided police in Eastern Highlands.

"And this is the first time in the history of policing in the province that such has happened. And as the commander of the Northern Command, it has really destroyed the image of the Constabulary and I am not happy with it," he said.

Beware of people who promise large amounts of money

Regional Police Commander Aili Spencer warns the general public of North Bougainville to be careful of people who are out and about town, and especially remote village areas, promising large amounts of money as a fast return for their investment.

Such schemes have already been in other parts of the country and are becoming an effective way to rob people of their pockets.

The public is asked to be on high alert for people like that and should report to the police as soon as possible.