police patrol

Police patrol streets for safe New Year

In a small briefing this evening before they set out, Police were told to ensure that the streets are safe for residents to welcome the new year.

The night patrol will begin at Vadavada and end at Gerehu.

The festive season operation for Police in NCD started before Christmas where police officers have been doing night patrols, setting check points including awareness for a peaceful New Year.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu has urged residents to celebrate peacefully.


Penguin waddling in village in England picked up by police

They were on patrol in Broxtowe, Nottinghamshire, England when they spotted the Humboldt penguin in a village street in the early hours of Sunday.

The bird, nicknamed Po-Po, had escaped from a farm enclosure in Strelley and then managed to waddle a mile up the road.

Police stuck their beak in and the penguin was returned to its owner.

PC Gareth Philp said they nicknamed the penguin Po-Po after "he posed for some pictures with us and he was very friendly with our officers".

Last year a pair of stolen penguins were rescued by officers in Strelley.