Police Minister Jelta Wong

Protect our people: Minister

Police Minister Jelta Wong made this statement during the conclusion of the police commissioner’s conference.

Speaking to the police provincial and divisional heads, Police Minister Jelta Wong urged them to especially protect the young and vulnerable.

They were encouraged to provide an environment that shields women and children from violence.

“Victims and those around must be able to feel safe to step forth and report these abuses. And we must be able to prosecute and hold the perpetrators to account,” said the Minister.

Police Minister clarifies news article

The headline of the article read: “No action against officers, says Wong”.

In response, the Police Minister said: “My words were in reference to the officers who were spokesmen for the disgruntled Security Task Force officers. These individual representatives will not be suspended for speaking on behalf of the group.

Police Minister on Macdonald’s alleged assault

He said the suspect will be dealt with accordingly after investigations.

Minister Wong said such violence against our rugby star is uncalled for.

He told this newsroom that the police will get to the bottom of this and the alleged police officer involved will be dealt with accordingly.

However, he is urging the Lamana duty manager to file a formal police complaint and give evidence so that the Police hierarchy can follow up.

Gov’t believes in equal employment opportunities: Minister

Minister Wong said this during the official opening of the 10th Policewomen's Advisory Network conference in Kimbe, West New Britain Province, on Monday.

Minister Wong said at present, 16 women were appointed to various positions of authority and trust as CEOs and secretaries of government agencies, demonstrating the government's commitment towards empowering women in the society.